Holding Up


How are you all holding up? It’s a hard time. My city has stay at home directives and I have certainly followed. I only left my home one time the last two weeks to get a B12 shot. I hope and pray you are all safe and healthy. It’s tough physically and mentally to stay home, but I feel it’s the best way to protect ourselves and everyone else.

Chronic illness is tough and symptoms can get worse under stress. It’s very stressful to not be able to leave your home. It’s stressful to try and protect yourself from the virus. We are able to have groceries delivered. My medications are picked up in the drive-through at our pharmacy. I’m very blessed that I was able to receive my regular prescription of Plaquenil, which has become unavailable to many of you.

We don’t know what will happen next, but are all striving to do the best we can. Those who are working on the front lines don’t have a choice but to work in dangerous situations. They sacrifice every day to serve, protect, and heal. I have a child who works as an OT in acute care and who doesn’t have PPE. I pray for her every day that she doesn’t get sick.


I tried to help a little by sewing fabric masks that can be worn over a surgical mask. She gets one mask per day, so I sent these to her and her colleagues to help them have a little more protection from this deadly virus.

Sewing is a real no-no for my pain, but I couldn’t sit back and not do it anyway. At least I can rest afterwards. Many of these essential workers are getting no rest. We are all in this together and are trying to do everything we can to flatten the curve.

Do you have everything that you need? Are you dealing with children at home that are trying to learn their online lessons? I know it is stressful when life changes, but I hope and pray that you will have peace.

As a retired homeschool mom, let me encourage you to not sweat the details. Children will learn a lot during this time, even if they get a little behind in math or science. Let them explore and help at home. They can help with cooking, chores, and just going on adventures in the backyard.


Encourage the entire family to have quiet times in their rooms. This not only gives you a break to have peace, but helps them to find their own peace through reading a book, journaling, or taking a nap. We all need together time and alone time.

At our house, we’re having time each day together reading a few verses from the Bible and praying together. We pray for our family as well as all the people who are going through this pandemic.

Do you have anything to share about how you’re doing, how you’re dealing, or prayer requests? I would love to hear how you’re making the best of this terrible situation. God bless.

@2020, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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  1. My kids and grandkids are too old for homeschooling. However, as they were growing up I think back to “Moms” home ec and “Dad’s “ repair shop. Gives me fond memories. I have just started going out but with mask, sunglasses and hand sanitizer. My old normal has given way to my new normal.

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