Comparing Two Grocery Delivery Services

Because of my severe fatigue, grocery shopping has been a chore for Hubby for the past five years. Now, that the quarantine is upon us, even Hubby doesn’t want to go shopping. We’ve turned to grocery delivery. We’ve tried Instacart and Walmart Delivery. Here’s my comparison of the two.

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We had two separate Instacart deliveries through our local Dillons store. The first delivery went very smoothly. We placed our order through our regular Dillons online account. Most things in the store were available online and the search for products was easy.

I wasn’t allowed to place any toilet paper or paper towels in the cart. I was told that I had to come into the store to make that purchase. That really defeated the entire reason to shop and have things delivered. There was also the Substitution policy. If the Instacart shopper couldn’t find the exact product ordered, they were allowed to substitute another like item.

One of the shoppers texted me with each product that was out of stock and asked about substitution options. That worked pretty well. The second order that I placed wasn’t so good. The shopper just made her own substitutions and some of them were much more expensive or not usable. When you have specific diet restrictions, there are some foods that you can’t eat.

After the second Instacart delivery, there was a problem. A second shopper started texting me about my order. I got back with him and then he called me. Instacart had given my order to 2 shoppers. He had to cancel the order and put everything back on the shelf. He was upset and told me to call and get it fixed.

I tried to call Instacart, but never got through. I was on hold for 15 minutes and then disconnected. Dillons said they couldn’t help me. When he canceled the order, the charge wasn’t placed. My credit card has still not been charged. If it doesn’t appear on my statement by the end of the week, I’ll have to start calling them again.

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Walmart has an easy Grocery shopping process. It’s easy to look for general items, and then pick the best one for you. I liked that it was a general search instead of the way Dillons worked. Walmart’s process helped me to save money.

Walmart offered a Substitution policy, too. On this order, I decided not to allow substitutions. There were fewer out-of-stock items at Walmart, so we got all but 3 items that we had ordered.

Our shopper seemed very professional and she was really just delivering what Walmart had bagged for her. We were very pleased with the service. The prices at Walmart were cheaper.

Instacart in our area costs us $10 per delivery. Walmart had two price options. We could get a quicker delivery (two days) for $9.95 or wait a little longer (four days) for only $7.95. That’s a major difference!

Both delivery services offer a membership type payment option. If you know that you’ll use this on a regular basis, you can save money.

Instacart has a $9.99 per month or $99. per year. Walmart offers a monthly charge of $12.95 and a yearly charge of $98. Walmart has a 15 day free trial offer.

If you choose to shop with a delivery service, I hope this information will help you to decide between the two.

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2 Responses

  1. Joanne says:

    That’s fabulous that Walmart had all but 3 items for you! I don’t think we have any delivery service in our area. In fact most of our stores don’t even allow grocery pick up anymore either since they were unable to keep up with the demand… though that was a few weeks ago and I should see if that has changed. I would much rather go pick up groceries at Walmart than have to walk all throughout the store!

    • Lisa says:

      Shopping has become such a pain! Hubby is older and I’m high risk so we really didn’t want to shop in person. Driving up is good, too. I’m sorry that you don’t have that option.

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