Medicine And Moods

My Mast Cell flare seems like it will never stop! As I talked about a few days ago, this is a hard flare for me to get out of. Full-body itching is more than an annoyance. When I have an allergic reaction itch, it just feels different from other itches. Because I know that this can quickly lead to anaphylaxis, I have to take preventative Benadryl doses. One of the worst side effects of this medicine is having a lousy mood.

Most of my medicines have mild to moderate interactions with each other. I try to spread them out through the day and night so that I don’t swallow all the different types at once. I normally take Zyrtec, but it doesn’t stop allergic reaction itching. Benadryl knocks it down for a few hours, but during the flare it’s coming back. Taking Benadryl often keeps it in my system and makes me feel lousy.

I’m missing a huge amount of sleep. This alone can affect moods. But, Benadryl makes my moods go up and down. It really doesn’t go up, but just goes down and more down. This is hard to describe. But, believe me, it’s not fun. These are the days when I am not always able to get a shower. One of the interactions is that the Benadryl can increase or decrease the efficiency of other medicines.

I’ve noticed pounding heart rates and shortness of breath, so I’m resting. There’s not anything else to do. I’m praying that this flare goes away. If not, I’ll probably see if my doctor wants to start me on a prednisone dose pack. I’ve used these for other flares and it always works, but then prednisone has it’s own miseries.


I may sound a little crazy, but if you deal with flares, you know what I’m talking about. This best thing to do when your drugs make you have a lousy mood is to just be honest with your family. When hubby tries to have a big conversation I just quietly tell him that my Benadryl mood is awful. He’s been through this enough to know that I just don’t want to talk.

Having chronic illnesses is hard on our families, but thankfully, mine is very supportive. Even if they don’t really understand all the Mast Cell Disorder details, they are sympathetic and don’t push me. This helps me so much, because when I can just rest until this is over I won’t say anything that I’ll regret. When I’m left with my thoughts, I can work through the feelings and still find joy and peace deep inside.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my opinions and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

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