Hoping For Good Health

How many times have I said, I feel new hope that I can get better, after visiting with a new doctor? Well, it’s too many times to count. But, today I still feel a new hope that this new clinic could possibly help me to live a more normal life. I guess that hope is something we all want to have. We all want to feel better, have less pain, and have energy to function. Hoping for good health has been a fantasy, but I don’t want to give up.

My telehealth appointment was the first meeting with my new doctor. He and the nurse practitioner talked with me for over 20 minutes. They wanted to know about all of my health problems and medications. We discussed how their clinic worked and what to expect when I come into the clinic.

The clinic has two MD’s and other practitioners. I’ll go in soon for a one hour appointment to discuss everything. This clinic works to provide holistic care. I’ll be looking at diet reform, I’m sure. There will be supplements and who knows what? I’m very excited to find out, but I’m also nervous. I know my hopes have been dashed every time that I tried a new doctor.


The first thing I found after my appointment online was four huge documents in my email. I’ve spent an hour or two filling out medical forms, symptom questions, and medical history. The doctor wants to not only treat my disease symptoms, but to get to the why questions. What is the bottom reason why I’m sick. He said that he likes to work with cases like mine.

I think this will be difficult. It wouldn’t be hard to change my lifestyle if I wasn’t completely exhausted and in pain. The ability to prepare healthy meals is impossible most days. I haven’t been able to exercise without chest pain or shortness of breath. Having LBBB means that my heart is in stress when I try to exercise.

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Thankfully, the doctor assured me that all changes will be gradual. That’s the only way that I could do anything without crashing. My body just doesn’t work right. I look forward to any improvement in my health. I sound like a broken record. But, giving up isn’t an option.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. My posts contain opinions and are not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

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4 thoughts on “Hoping For Good Health”

  1. Good luck to you. I worked for a group of cardiologists in the office so know about this condition. My daughter is lacking IgA and has been sick most of her life. In childhood it wasn’t so bad but as she got older she got sicker. Our wonderful doctor sent her to an immunologist and she got a diagnosis. She is now a mother of two grown children but has many other health concerns including asthma, GI issues and now continually forms kidney stones. She lives in the Indianapolis area and sees her immunologist there but travels to the Cleveland Clinic to consult with a world famous urologist and nephrologist. I also have a vestibular disorder and small vessel brain disease which causes bad balance. I have good days and bad days where I can only sit and read or watch tv. I just wish the doctors could help my daughter and also wish there would be a plan for my health.

  2. Oh, you and your daughter certainly have been through a tough journey. I’m glad that she found a helpful doctor, but it’s so frustrating that there are no cures or even good treatments. I wish and hope that something can help you both.

    1. Quite a few times, when eating out, I was allergic to everything on the menu. When that happened, I ate cake for my meal. I always tried to make it appear that I was having fun, but it was depressing.

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