Diet Coach: Day 1

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My first nutritionist appointment was yesterday on Zoom. The one-hour appointment wasn’t exactly what I expected. Before the appointment I had filled out a multi-page document covering all types of symptoms and questions reflecting my diet choices. I really thought that this appointment would provide me with a specific diet to follow.

Mineral Water

I found out that the nutritionist would need two appointments to discuss everything on the forms. She went into great detail explaining how each food group affected my health. There was a lot of teaching and coaching. I will meet her again on Zoom next week for another in-depth discussion.

After the next Zoom call, I will finally get the diet that she feels is the best for me. As I anxiously await that day, she did give me a few things to work on. The first one is to improve my water intake. She recommended the App: Drink Water Aquarium. I added this app to my phone right away. It’s very cool!

It lets me easily record my water intake and sends me friendly reminders throughout the day. It looks and sounds like an aquarium, so that’s cute. This app is going to help me so much, because I’m in a terrible habit of not drinking enough water.

The one “food” she told me to stop was Diet Coke. I tend to drink Big K Caffeine Free Diet Soda, especially when I am nauseated. I’m nauseated many times throughout the day. The thing I really liked is that she gave me a replacement choice.

Mineral Water

I’ll be trying Sparkling Mineral Water. She gave me a recipe to make a ginger/honey syrup to flavor it. I can also flavor it with fruit. My grocery order is coming this afternoon, and I look forward to trying this. I’ve known forever that diet drinks are really bad for me. I hope that this will make it easier to give it up.

She also told me to go ahead and go Gluten Free. I’ve done this before, but didn’t stick with it for more than 9 months. I’m willing to try anything that can help me feel better. We talked a lot about inflammation and I’m very aware of my inflammation and how bad it is for me. I’m excited to see the full diet changes and how they may help me.

The changes in my diet will probably be hard, but I deal with hard every day. I just want to feel better. If my body can improve enough to get daily baths and cook healthy meals, I will feel as if my improvement was 100%. But, any improvement will bring me tons of thankfulness!

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