Introducing Gudpod

Introducing Güdpod!

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Introducing gudpod

Today is the day! I’m honored to introduce you to the Güdpod. Güdpod is to protein shakes what the Keurig is to coffee. Protein shakes are everywhere! We love to drink them. And, it’s always fun to try new combinations. But, nobody likes to clean up the mess, afterwards. That’s why we need Güdpod.

Why is the Güdpod machine so great? The creator took many supplements for his health, but started wondering why he should have to take so many pills. Those of us with Chronic Illness can relate. Then, he thought how nice it would be to get his nutrition in an easier way.

With the help of an engineer, they created the Güdpod machine, which dispenses and mixes the powdered nutrition pod in one easy step. And, there is no clean-up! Now, we can have a single-serve nutrition drink with just the touch of a button! It really is easy to use.

There is no assembling the machine. We don’t need to have attachments. Here are the easy steps to enjoying your favorite protein shake:

  1. Plug it in.
  2. Fill the Güdpod cup with the beverage of choice.
  3. Remove bottom section of Pod wrapper and snap in place.
  4. Place cup in place.
  5. Press the button.

That’s all you have to do! The machine moves the pod into the cup and mixes the drink for you. When it finishes, the pod moves back into the start position. Take your delicious shake and drink it! The pods are recyclable and that’s all there is to it!

I’m amazed at the fast and simple process! Whether you’re wanting a quick breakfast or a great afternoon snack, the Güdpod is the answer. It’s easy enough for your child to use for an after-school snack. It will be great to know that the snack will be nutritious and it won’t create a mess.

With the one-serving size, there is no waste. Güdpod pods come in a scrumptious variety of flavors, too. Here are the current pod flavors.

Gudpod Flavors 1
Gudpod flavors 2
DrINKABLE Defense also comes in Chocolate Gelato.

These are filled with amazing things: plant protein, superfoods, and greens. Each one has a different list of goodness, and you’ll want to try them all! The new DrInkable Defense shakes are filled with goodness to boost your immune system. This is so important as we near flu season and during the pandemic.

Each Güdpod comes with 2 pod packs to get you started. We’re so excited about the new Güdpod, that we’re hosting a Giveaway on Instagram. It starts today and lasts for two weeks. I hope you’ll all come on over and enter to win this machine, valued at $199!

Güdpod Giveaway


August 31, 2020 – September 14, 2020

Gudpod Giveaway

To purchase your Güdpod, my readers will be able to use my exclusive discount code to save 30% on any Güdpod products. This is a great deal!

Güdpod Code: LISAE30

I hope you’ll check it out and enter my giveaway, too. Share with all your health conscious friends. Thanks for checking out my introduction today!

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