Feeling Energy In September

September has arrived! How is your September going so far? Our home is pretty locked down, because our college student is doing all his classes online. My life hasn’t changed at all. Thankfully, my health has improved.

A Chronic Voice is hosting another month in their Linkup Party. The prompts for this month look interesting. Prompts give all of us in the chronic illness blogging group a boost to start our juices flowing. This is a fun way to share with you my chronic illness journey.

Feeling Energy in September dog walking


Because I live everyday with illness and pain, the word Feeling automatically makes me think of how I’m feeling physically. I’m happy to say that I’m feeling energetic. Taking LDN, eating my new diet, and supplementation has made a huge difference in how I feel. My energy levels have gone from zero energy to normal energy.

This feeling of energy has transformed my life! Instead of laying on the couch all day, I’m now able to do a little exercise, cook a meal, and clean at least part of a room. Being able to walk up the stairs at a normal pace and not needing to rest afterwards is amazing! Feeling like getting a shower every day makes me feel better about myself.

So, I’m feeling physically and emotionally better, since starting my new protocol. I wish I had found a medical team like this before now. But, I’m thankful now to have them.


Life with Chronic Pain is grueling. No matter how much improvement I’m experiencing with my new health protocol, the pain that I live with is a grueling daily experience. I may have the energy to stand up for longer periods of time, but my spine will soon remind me that it’s in bad shape.

Day after day, sciatica pain throbs in my left hip, leg, and foot. My crooked spine causes me stabbing, burning, and throbbing pain every day. Living in constant pain wears down your emotions. There are times when I just give in and have a pity party. Thankfully, that is not my constant coping mechanism. Feeling thankful for the many blessings I have makes such a difference in my attitude.


Ah, this word has been very real to me lately. My new diet calls for me to have no sugar or sugar substitutes. I can live without sugar easily, if I can use a substitute like splenda (or even stevia). But, I’m supposed to use nothing that is a sweetener. It’s so tempting for me to give in and have something sweet.

I know that I’ve been a sugar addict for many, many years. I’ve stopped sugar before, but my cravings came back when I cheated. Now, I’m struggling with the temptation to eat sweet foods. I’ve now conquered the real sugar craving, but am still tempted to use stevia.

I know stevia isn’t a terrible thing to use, so I don’t really feel guilty. I do hope that I can get to the point where this isn’t tempting to me. I want to give this new diet a chance to show me the best results possible. I’m not looking to be cured, but hope to have more weight loss and lessening of symptoms.

Feeling Energy in September


The word running has never been very useful to me. Physically running has never been something that I wanted to do. I had to jog in college for a PE class and I hated it. I always preferred aerobic dance exercise, which I could easily do until my mid-forties.

Running myself ragged is more my style. Since I became chronically ill, I haven’t been able to run myself ragged. The word running just doesn’t fit into my way of living anymore.


When I think of mending, I think about mending fences, or repairing relationships. Now that I’m 58, I feel like I’ve gone through the younger, more turbulent years. Living with chronic illness has caused me to be more isolated. Therefore, I’m not out and about, mixing with friends. Being isolated means that I can’t get into disagreements with others as often.

It feels good to not need to repair broken friendships. Sometimes, I may need to mend things with my immediate family. Being stuck at home with them for the pandemic can make tempers flare. We all feel on edge at times, and feel a little stir crazy. I am looking forward to the day when a safe vaccine is ready.

Overall, I’m terribly grateful to be alive and have the improvements to my wellbeing. September is a beautiful month. I love the slight cooling of the temperatures and the promise of fall.

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16 thoughts on “Feeling Energy In September”

  1. Life with chronic pain is grueling for sure. There isn’t a moment of the day when I am not thinking about my pain and energy levels, or how my body will react to what I am doing at the moment. It can be quite exhausting. Enjoy the cooler temps. I despise Sept. in southern California as it is actually our hottest month.

    1. It is exhausting, for sure! I’m sorry that your September is so hot! I grew up in Mississippi and it didn’t get cooler until December. I know the misery 🙂

  2. Firstly, I’m glad your new protocol has you feeling better, sometimes even the smallest things can help. But I also have to agree on how gruelling living with a chronic illness can be. I hope you enjoy the fall.

  3. Thanks for joining us once again, Lisa! Always good to have a catch up with everyone every month, even if brief. I too am going a bit crazy being cooped up at home with others but thankfully now we can go out a bit more and the safety measures are pretty strict here in Singapore so I feel okay to go out. I am glad that you’re staying grateful and positive despite it all. Sending hugs!

    1. I’m glad to hear that the safety procedures in Singapore are working and that you can get out more. That is wonderful! Hugs back to you 🙂

  4. Lisa, I’m glad I found you! You are a fellow grandma who lives with chronic pain. I’m glad you have a quality medical team. I’d love to hear more about what they do and how they are better than your previous one. Do they work together, or do you see them separately? (My link post is going to be about my ideal medical team.)

    1. I am now under the care of a holistic practice. The doctor there is a general practitioner who has a team of : nurse practitioner, nutritionist, and wellness coach. They may not be the most specialized team, but they are helping me more than I’ve ever been helped before. They share my case and talk together to improve my health. I often see the doctor and NP together. They are willing to try things that many others might not prescribe. I am getting a very well-rounded approach.

  5. Great post, Lisa! I agree that living with chronic illness and chronic pain is gruelling. The severity and persistence of my symptoms mean that I am always forced to think about them, or consider them when making plans! It is very tiresome for sure! I am so glad that your new protocol is benefitting you and are enjoying more energy – will keep my fingers crossed that it will last! Take care!

    1. It’s so draining to have these symptoms and pain always on our mind. But, we can’t ignore our pain. I hope that you can make and keep more plans 🙂

  6. I totally understand what you mean about the gruelling task of managing life with chronic pain. My daughters are now back at school and I feel better for getting a walk with the dog every morning after I have done the school run. I’m glad you are finding improvements with your new medical plan.

  7. Lovely post Lisa! I’m glad you are feeling a little more energetic lately. How wonderful that the medication and change of diet is helping so much. Changing diet is tough though isn’t it. But I always try and think about how restrictions lead to more opportunities health-wise. Hope the progress continues!

    1. Diet changes are SOOO hard for me lately. I go up and down with it. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

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