Natural Isn’t Always Safe

Well, I tried it again. And, I had the same results as the first time. I think I’m done. Last time I tried the Dandelion Tea concoction I had an allergic reaction that started days of nausea. This week I tried a tiny amount of the tea and added raw juices. I had a severe allergic reaction and am still having reactions days afterwards. Those two nutritionist recommended practices are now being removed from my protocol, by me.

Natural isn't always safe

Only we can determine what is best for our bodies. These teas and juices may work for some people, but I can’t tolerate them. I began this diet protocol to hopefully have a more functional existence. And, thankfully the diet plus the Low Dose Naltrexone have given me a huge improvement in functionality.

Given that, I still must hold the line for what I want to put into my body. A practitioner who understands nutrition doesn’t have knowledge of all the diseases I have. I’m very appreciative of all the help I’m being given, but only I have to live inside this body. Allergic reactions that cause Mast Cell Activation is hazardous to my health.

My body seems to have made a negative turn with MCAS. In years past, an allergic reaction was over and the next day I was back to normal. This year my reactions set off a days or weeks-long flare. This is very dangerous!

We all want to feel better and function more. But, our medical care needs to be realistic. When a drug, diet, or supplement doesn’t make you better don’t feel guilty to reject it. If something makes us feel bad, who can say that there won’t be long-term damage.

Because I have multiple diseases and disorders, a treatment that is good for one disease can be terrible for another. If you have a complex medical case it’s even harder. But, we know our bodies more than anyone else. We have to live in them!

I hope and pray that we all can get good medical care and that it will benefit us.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my opinions and is not meant to be medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

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2 thoughts on “Natural Isn’t Always Safe”

  1. Lisa, you may not be a “medical expert” but your point is exactly correct-“natural” is not necessarily safe or effective; in fact, as you found out, it can be more dangerous than something prescribed or synthetic. We must consider everything that goes into our bodies as potentially dangerous and weigh that against the potential benefit. Thanks for sharing your example although I’m sorry you went through that experience. My blog’s mission is exploring the HEART of health and it sounds like that is exactly what you are doing. May you continue to find hope and healing on your journey.

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