Month: October 2020



I’ve known for many years about how seasons can affect our moods, such as SAD in the winter months. I have never felt like this was something that I dealt with. Sometimes we think about cloudy, dark days leading to feelings of depressions. But for me, I love cloudy days. I do wonder about mood …

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Invisible Disabilities Awareness Week

Why do we need Invisible Disabilities Awareness Week? It’s obvious that it’s not obvious. People with invisible disabilities are not recognized as having disabilities. Accommodations are not made for them without a battle. Not everyone who has a disability rides in a wheelchair. Many of us with invisible disabilities have trouble with walking, shopping, doing …

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Today was Covid-19 testing day. My mother was directly exposed and my dad and I were exposed to her. She found out on Tuesday that she was with someone who had it on Monday, and thankfully, I wasn’t there. Although I spent time with my mom this week, I was fully masked and not exposed. …

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