Pain And More Pain

I’ve made a long trip to visit family and you know what that means. It means swelling, pain, and more pain. Traveling 10 hours in a car is so hard when living with chronic illness. Although I had reached a better normal before the trip, the normal after a trip is bad enough to be a flare.


No matter what I could do to try and prevent a flare, it just wasn’t enough. After my wonderful Lidocaine injections, I had so many nice days of pain relief in the shoulder and trapezius muscles.

The shoulder pain is back now. It’s sad to lose the improved pain level, but because of my chronic life, this is just how it is. Traveling brings flares. Extra stress on my body brings more pain. Even my fatigue is worse.

Traveling also brings joy to my life. The beauty of fall days, the time to get away, and the love of family is the best part of traveling. I am thankful to be able to see my child and grandchild on this trip. After months of quarantine life, there was such a deep longing in me to see them.


Quarantine has made things hard for families. We often live farther away from family members, and have felt isolated. Hubby and I have been wearing masks everywhere we go. It’s amazing that so few people are wearing them now. I pray that we will stay well and that we won’t carry the virus, either.

God has provided us a special and unique place to stay. We are enjoying peace and quiet here. I hope and pray that tomorrow will be better. But, I know that during flares that isn’t always the case. In fact, I may be worse before I get better.

I plan to sleep as late as I can and put my feet up. The swelling probably won’t go away any time soon, but my feet feel better that way. And, my little pup is cuddled up beside me. What more could a person want?

@2020, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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