Yesterday was the first time in over seven years that I was present to help celebrate my adult daughter’s birthday. It was a wonderful party and I was able to host it for her. Her grandparents were able to attend, along with her husband and little one. We had a roaring good time.


It took me two days to clean, decorate, and cook everything for the event. I made a gluten free cake, gluten-free and dairy-free rolls and a large spread of food. I decorated with some balloons and streamers. I’m staying in a family-owned barn loft, which is absolutely charming.

My dad made it just right for my arrival, by replacing some of the worn-out features, such as carpet in the bedroom. The very old barn was turned into an apartment years ago by my sister, who’s an architect.

The wood walls are from trees nearby and the rustic pine floors from wood on the family farm. It’s very open and delightful to live in while I’m visiting. The utter quietness of the country is only disturbed by the occasional acorn dropping on the tin roof.

We love Him because He first loved us. I John 4:19

While getting ready yesterday, my face turned bright red and I was experiencing hot flashes. I actually had to take two showers and still was sweating. I’m guessing this was a mast cell attack. I was really pushing myself and my allergies are bad.

When everyone left, I collapsed on the couch and soon went to bed. The dishes would have to wait. My throat is hurting today, but it feels like it’s being caused by allergy sinus drainage. I’m hoping that this is allergies and nothing more dangerous.

Instead of visiting with family today, I’m doing nothing. I can only rest on the couch and try to relax. Every joint and muscle is aching. I’m so tired! I’m really glad that I could pull it off yesterday because it was wonderful and I’ll have this memory forever.

We all laughed, played games, watched the little one, and ate lots of food. I hope that I can do this again next year. But, now I’m going to rest.

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