Trying To Relax

I’ve been home for one day and am working on relaxing. My body is really needing to rest. Many of the wonderful experiences on my trip were overshadowed with the bad. Both parents came down with covid and although my mom was almost asymptomatic, my dad is still trying to recover. And, there were other traumatic events that drained me, emotionally.

Trying to Relax

Life is hard. Tough things happen with a healthy body. But, with all the physical problems I have, bad experiences just seem to be so much more overwhelming. Physical pain and fatigue are more severe and more pronounced when a crisis comes. The emotional strain of a crisis comes out in an increase of physical pain.

During severe stress, I feel myself tensed up. I try to work on being aware of how I’m holding my muscles. When I do this, I’m often having to tell myself to relax the muscles. When I do this, it makes such a huge difference. If only this were a natural and normal response.

This day started pretty good. Although my left hip joint had gone out of joint a small amount (which always happens when I sit in a car all day), I felt energetic and I was eager to clean the kitchen. Three weeks of hubby cleaning had me very determined to scrub it down.

My sciatica was back, because of sitting too long. So, I was limping around the house, but so happy to be unpacking and doing laundry. This beautiful fall day was filled with cool breezes and a great wind was blowing the orange leaves behind our home. I worked until time to eat a very healthy dinner.

Then, the exhaustion hit. I guess that it was good that I could enjoy my earlier burst of energy and work. After dinner I had no energy whatsoever. I can barely keep these dry eyes open. Rest will definitely be on the agenda tomorrow.

Tomorrow is November and the start of the holiday season. The expectations for the next two months are huge and I’m going to need to lower those. Pacing is also needed. So, I hope that you are doing well. If you’re tired and in pain, I totally understand.

Please be easy on yourself. Don’t put any extra pressure on yourself, because there will be enough pressure and stress as it is. Please take care.

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