November: Looking Ahead To The Holidays

A Chronic Voice has given new writing prompts for the month. Now that November is here, I’m ready to think about the holidays. After the election is over, there will be an end to political commercials. It will be much nicer to see commercials for Christmas decorations and gifts, for sure. Covid has hit my family and so this virus isn’t just “on the news”, but something to really fear.

November: Looking forward to the holidays

I was visiting my parents out-of-state, when they caught covid. I was wearing a mask around them, even though they weren’t. They were thinking that covid was no big deal, because of fake news misinformation. They thought that my mask-wearing was over-the-top, but it seems to be the thing that protected me from infection.

I’m thankful that I’m okay, and am praying for them to recover. As someone with multiple chronic illnesses, I continue to encourage everyone to follow guidelines and protect themselves as well as others. We should all care about the welfare of those around us.

I hope and pray for a safe and loving November for everyone. We have a lovely month here in the mid-west. There are still some lovely colored trees and shrubs to look at. Thanksgiving is coming, and it’s such a wonderful time of peace and warmth. I’m not sure if we will celebrate the holiday with extended family, or if we will choose a more isolated approach.


I’m not incorporating anything new this month. I have learned that when I try to incorporate better eating or exercise, I need to keep incorporating these things into my lifestyle. If something has yet to become a habit in my life, then I will need to daily re-incorporate these things into my plan.

Exercise and dieting is so much harder with a chronic illness. I can still remember dieting when I was younger. It was easy to follow, because I had the energy to cook, shop, and prepare good food. I also loved exercising and could easily work out for an hour. The exercise rejuvenated me. I also remember when that ceased to be the case. The exercise just started making me feel worse instead of better.


My treatments are pretty much set right now. All of my drugs seem to be at a stable place. I am seeing an eye doctor this month to check my eyes for any damage that might be occurring because I take Plaquenil for Sjogren’s Syndrome. I also need to make an appointment with Rheumatology. It’s been over a year, with no blood work to check my autoimmune disease.

I do plan on experimenting with my blogging schedule. I’m thoroughly enjoying my three blogs. To make sure that I cover the blogging to-do list, I need to make a new checklist. I’ve read about some blogging ideas that I want to try. I need to try them in order to monetize the blogs better. Blogging can be expensive, with all the tech and SEO tools that have monthly fees.

looking forward to the holidays


Sanitizing has been an important term this year. I don’t think I’ve ever sanitized as many things as I have in 2020. My hands are taking a real hit! My skin is dryer than ever and the skin on my thumb has been peeling off in chunks for months! It hurts and often bleeds. The harsh soaps really hurt my skin.

Sanitizing everything in my house takes time, but it’s worth it. We use sanitizing wipes to wipe down things that come into our house. We wipe down the food containers and packages. I don’t know if it’s really necessary, but it is just something we’ve chosen to do.


I’m launching a Christmas Gift Guide on my blog, The Frugal Grandmom. This is the first year that I’ve launched such a big venture. I’ve had gift guides before, but this year my gift guide will include eight giveaways. I’ve tried to offer gift ideas for all types of recipients: children, adults, readers, and men. I also included co-hosts in this gift guide.

It’s helpful to have other bloggers join me with this gift guide promotion. They get free links that drive readers to their blogs and increase their social media outreach. I hope that many people can enter the giveaways!

November Thanksgiving decor


Writing is a big part of my blogging work. I enjoy writing and sharing my story with my readers. Writing can sometimes be a challenge, because I want to write things that are helpful and encouraging. Writing a blog doesn’t do any good if it doesn’t bring something to the reader that they need.

Writing in my my book blog is a different style of post. In the book blog the writing is predominately reviewing books. So, this writing takes a lot more time because of the reading time. I love reading, so writing reviews is a natural way to share a new book.

I’m thinking more about writing guest posts and having guest posts on this blog. This can be a fun way to reach new readers and giving my readers a new voice to hear. Sometimes, guest posting can be a hassle.

November is a month with a number of Illness Awareness focuses. I am always keen on promoting American Diabetes Month and Epilepsy Awareness Month, because I have people in my family who deal with these conditions. My son-in-law has Type 1 Diabetes and is huge inspiration to me. My youngest has epilepsy, and it is well-controlled. I hope to write about these and other awareness month conditions.

I hope that your November is healthy and free from covid. I pray that you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving and warm times together.

@2020, copyright Lisa Ehrman

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. My posts contain only my opinions and are not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

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4 Responses

  1. Louise says:

    Hi Lisa, I enjoyed reading your post 🙂 I really hope your parents are ok and recover from Covid. It is a difficult time at the moment that’s for sure. We are now in a full lockdown in the UK so it’s not so fun. Not really sure what Christmas will be like this year :/ I love the sound of your Christmas Gift Guide, what a great idea! I’m trying to think of ideas for Christmas content so that was an inspiration for me. I suppose the upside to lockdown, is more time to blog and plan content! Best of luck and hope you have a great November 🙂 Louise

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks, Louise! I hope your lockdown works and can be over before too long. Hope you have fun with Christmas content. I love everything about the season! Without traveling and get-togethers, I’m sure we’ll all have more time for blogging. And, hopefully, our readers will have more time to read 🙂

  3. Hi Lisa, I hope your parents recover soon, and hopefully learn from their experience. I have a similar challenge with my dad who doesn’t believe Covid is a problem and expects hugs from his grandchildren even after they’ve been told not to go near people. My mum on the other hand has a poor immune system and chronic illness, so she has been shielding for most of the year.

    We are starting to get excited for Christmas and I’m looking forward to some quality time at home with my children, without the usual chaos of trekking around visiting family members 😉

    • Lisa says:

      My dad is still in bad shape, but hope that he will improve. He finally has come to admit that he has covid. It’s impossible to change their minds sometimes. I hope that your Christmas is very peaceful and healthy.

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