planning to smile

Planning To Smile

Have you been planning your Thanksgiving? I’m staying home this year. It’s just not a good idea to travel. I haven’t wanted to think about how much I’ll miss the kids, but it happens anyway.

planning to smile

Our oldest lives so far away that we would have to stay every night in hotels. With my health, this is not happening. My other adult child lives a little closer, but I’m still not comfortable. My body is barely holding steady and I don’t feel that I could handle covid.

So, even though I’ll really miss them it’s going to be okay. I do plan to get the vaccine as soon as I can. Then, I want to visit them until they run me off. My grandmother name is Mimi and I look forward to hearing the grandson say it over and over!

Food is the highlight of Thanksgiving. When I’m only feeding the three of us, I don’t usually cook every single traditional dish that my family is used to. But, I just asked hubby and our youngest which dishes could they not live without.

They told me just what I thought that they would: Homemade rolls, Oyster Dressing, Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, and Grits Cheese Casserole. Oh, and don’t forget “cranberries shaped like a can” (from Earnest Saves Christmas).

We found the smallest organic turkey in town, which is still 12 pounds! Ugh! Now, if I can only survive brain fog and start thawing it in the fridge on Sunday.

Cooking and baking is one of my favorite things in the world, but thanks to all my chronic pain I rarely do it. But, on Christmas and Thanksgiving I bake anyway. I end up using lots of ice packs, heating pads, and begging hubby for back rubs.

That’s my tradition….having a really painful back. But, I really wouldn’t change the holidays for anything. We usually put up the Christmas decorations starting on Thanksgiving night. This year, like many of you, my tree is already up.

Planning to smile

I’m decorating a few minutes every day until this is done. So far, I’ve put the tree together and put all the lights on. That’s a pretty big deal for me. My back was really hurting and the last few days my left knee keeps going out.

I’m really feeling joyful about passing down traditions to my children. This year my daughter-in-law asked for my Grits Cheese Casserole recipe. And, my daughter asked for the recipe for my homemade rolls. So, even if I can’t be with them, they’re making a dish that I always made for them.

It’s giving me such warm feelings just knowing that they want to keep some of the traditions going that they enjoyed as children. It’s a beautiful thing when families can share traditions to the next generation. That will keep me smiling all through this upcoming holiday season.

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