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I Hate Anxiety

It’s been very hard to keep my emotions steady lately. I’m the type that can get too caught up in current affairs and worry. Anxiety is a symptom of some of my diseases. And, when my anxiety ramps up I get many more symptoms of my diseases.

It’s a vicious cycle! I can’t seem to prevent anxiety from making me sick. It usually leads to allergic reactions and that can lead to anaphylaxis. There have been quite a few times over the years when I got emotional and that ended with an epi-pen shot.

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Now, I’m trying to find ways to calm myself and get rid of the growing anxiety. If I don’t, my health will suffer, and I never know when a severe anaphylactic shock episode could occur. If that happens, and my epi-pen shot doesn’t stop it, there is a possibility that I could die.

One thing I can do is to turn off the news and stay off Twitter. It’s hard to do, because I really crave information. But, taking a break from it is healthy. Facebook consumption is known to make people anxious or depressed.

Other things that help me to relax are watching a funny movie or Hallmark film. This gets my mind onto something that is frivolous and helps me to relax. Taking a hot bath with essential oils is also soothing to my body and mind. Lavender is a good oil for feelings of calm.

I Hate Anxiety

I also have a box of essential oil blends that I was referred to by my health team. The oil blends are in a little box and are best sniffed in a certain order. They also have helped me in the quest to lower my pain levels. All I have to do is to hold them under my nose and breathe in. I love using them.

I also lose anxiety when my surroundings are clean and tidy. Sometimes it helps me to just take one room and de-clutter it. I think it helps me to feel instantly better. Most of my day is spent in my living room. I blog there in comfort, but when it’s messy it stresses me out.

There is plenty of scientific proof that prayer or meditation will bring calm. When I feel bad, praying is helpful. Even if my pain doesn’t subside, I feel at peace. Peace can make it 100% easier to handle pain and sickness. I love to pray because I can do it anywhere and at anytime. I don’t need to be in a church or even in a quiet place. I can pray silently and even while driving and just keep my eyes open.

I also take a pain reliever/anti-anxiety medication. I’ve taken this ever since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and it definitely helps. These are my favorite anxiety-busters. What works best for you?

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post only contains my opinions and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

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