Chicken Soup is Good for my Soul

There’s nothing like another day of eating chicken noodle soup to make a weak stomach happy. When a horrible sickness is gone, it’s amazing how good it feels when you can again eat real food. I made homemade chicken soup and it tasted amazing!

Today should have been my last phototherapy treatment, but I needed to schedule my two missed appointments. After treatment today the nurse told me to go and schedule my March appointments. I had a bad feeling as I walked to the check-out desk.

I asked the receptionist twice to please check the orders. My dermatologist hadn’t told me that I would need to have two months of phototherapy treatments. Unfortunately, when the lady checked with my doctor’s nurse, she said yes. Ugh! Now, I’ll have to go three times each week to the hospital for treatments.

The treatments don’t take very long, but the two hours of driving each time we go is horrible! Hubby has been so sweet to not complain, but it takes a real chunk out of our days. And, there’s another worry…

Hubby meets with his new urologist next week to see if he could possibly have prostate cancer. He’s beside himself with worry and we’re both very stressed. If he ends up needing tests or other appointments, I’ll need to travel alone more often. I’m not always able to drive, especially on days when I’m experiencing dizziness or blurred vision. Which brings me to another problem.

One of our cars is needing a lot of work. With two old cars, we’ve talked about selling and buying something new. But, this isn’t an easy time for all that. So, we’ll need to get the oldest car repaired so that we both have something to drive.

Dealing with the everyday problems of a chronic life can seem impossible. Life is hard enough when you don’t have health problems. But, when every day is filled with sickness, more sickness, and different kinds of sickness, ugh! You know what it’s like. But, the thing I kept telling hubby was, “take it one day at a time”. It’s really lame and overused, but it’s true.

All we can do is to pray for help, strength, and peace. God has always provided for us. Although my health is garbage I still find joy in my life. My appreciation for each good little thing grows as I go up and down on this chronic illness roller coaster.

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