Hard Days

Some times things are just hard. This past week has been a rough one for my family. My flare of Sciatica has been the worst one I’ve ever had. Using ice, heat, and painkillers didn’t faze it. My Sciatica is keeping me from everything! Hubby has to wait on me hand and foot. I can hardly walk or sleep.

Wednesday I went to see my doctor. He gave me many injections of lidocaine, B vitamins, and ozone. Afterwards, there was a dulling of the severe pain which lasted until the evening. He also prescribed some Valium to try and calm down my sciatic nerve. It also is a great way for me to get some sleep. Taking that has helped me to sleep for hours at a time instead of just a few minutes here and there.

I’ve added Epsom Salts baths which seem to relax the spasms. And, I’m adding Advil and exercises. I’m desperate to get better because my second grandchild is on the way. This little precious baby is coming a month early. I can’t help but worry, but am thankful that he and mom are both doing well.

baby feet

I’m beside myself wanting to get on a plane to be with my eldest son, his wife, and the new little one. But first, I need to be able to walk and sit long enough to actually make the trip. My prayers are for healing and for this baby to be born safely. I really hoped that I could get my vaccine before traveling so far. Our state has just now begun to allow pre-existing conditions their eligibility. I’m just waiting for my text that tells me when I can go.

You can only imagine what my house looks like when I can’t function! If you have chronic illness you totally understand how that we just can’t do all the things. I just try not to look at the floor or the mess everywhere. Hubby is doing the dishes and a little laundry so that we don’t go naked. That wouldn’t be too pretty. When the sciatica improves I’ll be able to work on the house.

Tuesday will be hubby’s prostate biopsy. We are praying for the best, but expecting the worst. It’s hard not to be realistic, because I’m realistic and he’s pessimistic. But, that won’t stop us from praying for a miracle.


It really seems that problems and stress pile on. Being sick every day is bad enough, but when those around us also are suffering it’s so much more difficult. To combat stress I am working at praying, meditating on scripture verses, and intentionally relaxing my body. I’m glad that I can be thankful for all the little things and the big things that are right in my life.

With so many things that are wrong in this world and painful in my life, I must chose to be thankful and celebrate all the joys that have come to me. I’m blessed to have a super husband, and three grown kids who have turned into amazing people. I long for more days to spend with them.

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