Why I Feel Like Doing A Happy Dance

Because of constant back pain, I called my General Practitioner and he wants to send me to a pain specialist. He believes there may something more going on than just sciatic nerve pain. I have felt that way for quite a while. He got me an appointment with a local doctor that he refers many patients to for this Friday. I’m very happy that I’m getting another opinion. If it wouldn’t hurt so bad, I’d do a happy dance.

My doctor believes that I will need an MRI to get to the bottom of the cause of all my pain. I’ve wanted to get one for years and years. With Ehlers Danlos and the constant discs slipping back and forth, a look inside is what is called for (IMHO). It’s not that I’m wanting surgery, but I do want to know what is really happening with my spine.

I’m still living on Valium and Advil, as well as my regular doses of muscle relaxers, Gabapentin, and Cymbalta. The meds are at least allowing me to sleep for about 4-5 hours each night. But, the daytime doses keep me sleepy. I doze off all the time and am thinking in the midst of a very dense fog.

My covid vaccine is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. After thinking about how I should get the vaccine in a place with doctor’s present, I made a few calls. I actually called 8 different places, because I kept being referred to someone else. Eventually I was told to take the vaccine in a location that had EMT’s and an ambulance. I’ll be taking two of my epi-pens with me and pre-medicating with Benadryl, Montelukast, and Chromolyn.


If I do react to the vaccine, the ambulance can rush me to the hospital. I really dread this, but I want to live outside of this apartment. I have two grandbabies that need my attention! It’s painful having to be away from them. Hubby is now fully vaccinated, so as soon as I’m done we can hopefully hit the road (or fly). This all depends on his biopsy results. He had the biopsy this morning.

March has flown by and has been a very hard month physically and emotionally. But, the wonderful things that have happened allow me to be happy and praise God. I do try to praise Him in the bad times, but it certainly is easier to praise Him for the good things.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Feel Like Doing A Happy Dance”

  1. I hope you get the MRI and some much needed answers. Praying you don’t have a severe reaction to the vaccine.

    1. Thank you. I only am having extra joint pain the day after, so not bad at all. My spine doctor visit is in the morning. I have hope for help 🙂

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