10 Lockdown Crafts To Bring Out Your Creative Side

Although the world has been in lockdown, those of us with chronic illness feel like we’re always in lockdown. Sometimes we can’t get out of the bed, and when we do the couch is the next stop. When I first became bed and couch-ridden, I felt so bored. I wanted to be creative, but I didn’t know anything to do. I didn’t want to have paper, scissors, and glue on the bed.

Now, I’ve learned that I can be creative in the bed or on the couch. Some crafts may be easier to do sitting at a table. Let me share with you some fun and easy ways to be creative when you’re stuck at home.

10 Lockdown Crafts - Knitted Blanket
  1. Yarn Crafts – Do you know how to crochet or knit? How about cross-stitch? These are well-known ideas for being creative. You can order all your supplies to be delivered to your home. Make sure that you have a handy storage system, so that you aren’t dealing with messy supplies all over the bed. A neat rolling drawer unit or basket can sit close to your bed to hold everything when you aren’t using it. If you don’t know how to do yarn crafts, seek out some informative Youtube videos. This can spark a lot of creativity, especially when you are using various colors and textures of yarn and the patterns are endless.
  2. Fleece Crafts – A few years ago, there was a trend of making fleece blankets. Two “throw-size” piece of fleece would be cut. Using coordinating colors was a cute way to combine the front and back sides. Then, short slits were made all around the sides. After tying knots in each slit, the blanket was finished. These made cute gifts and they are still fun to make. Fleece can be cut to make cute scarves. With a little stitching or design work, these can be very customized.
  3. Journals – Make your own journal and write in it every day. Writing about your life journey will inspire you and let off a lot of steam. Some days you may be venting, but you may have more times when you feel positive. It could be a gratitude journal or something more like a diary. Make your journal beautiful. A good way to do that is to design it on your laptop and print it out. There are plenty of free templates online. If you print out your pages, you can put them in a notebook and create a pretty cover.
  4. Creating Your Own Greeting Cards – How many times during the lockdown have I needed a birthday card, baby shower card, etc? I ended up ordering some generic cards to be delivered to my home. I’ve used them, but they are not very pretty. Why not create your own cards? Again, you can find free templates on the internet. The free clip art is pretty dull. Instead of the plain-Jane fonts and photos, why not make cards that look as gorgeous as those you might buy in the card stores. You can purchase Font Bundles script style fonts and use them in your cards or anything else you want to design. This gives you the creative power to make your cards look extra special, just like the person you are sending it to.
  5. Write – Do you love to write? Some people do and they are often inspired to be creative with their words. I love writing and so blogging became a natural outlet for me as I lay in bed. You might prefer to write a poem, short story, or even a novel. Now, that would be inspiring!
  6. Paint – Painting in bed? Yes, you really could do it. You would want to protect your bed or couch from spills. A cheap piece of plastic could be placed in your lap. Using an old shower curtain (cut into a good size),or a plastic table cloth from the dollar store could work. A rolling plastic drawer unit could hold your supplies where they would be handy, but neat. This is a way to be very creative. If you don’t think you can paint, it really doesn’t matter. Painting is a way to be expressive. There are courses to watch on your laptop or Youtube videos to help you get started or to improve your technique.
  7. Digital Scrapbooking – Instead of cutting out all sorts of paper items to make a scrapbook with glue-sticks and messy stamps, a digital scrapbook is easy to make lying in the bed. The options are great when you search the internet. I’ve used many sites that also offer free coupons, to save money when making your scrapbook. When you place your order, it will be delivered to your door for you and your family to enjoy
  8. Jewelry – When you think of making jewelry, you imagine beads everywhere and a big mess. That can be true, but there are some jewelry-making projects that are easy to make when you’re in bed or on the couch. Ordering a jewelry project kit that contains just the right materials can be a much less messy craft. Doing these one-at-a-time might be a little more expensive than buying in bulk, but that might be fine. Trying a project like this might be a one-time deal. If you really enjoy making jewelry, then you could decide what supplies you would want to buy in bulk. Again, there are tons of free plans online to help you get started. If you’re a grandmother or have young children, it would be fun to keep supplies on hand to make friendship bracelets with them, when they come to visit.
  9. Sew – No, I’m not suggesting that you put a big sewing machine in your lap. But there are some small sewing crafts that could bring out your creative side. Taking a shirt or jean jacket, you can be creative and jazz it up with cute stitching, beading, or colorful patches. This would be fun to do with a child’s top. The embroidery kits on hand-made shops online have the most gorgeous designs I’ve ever seen.
  10. Color – Have you seen all the new adult coloring books? My daughter sent me one after I became chronically ill. The beautiful pictures were so much fun to color. The book came with a great set of colored pencils. Find one that inspires you and order it. Once it’s delivered, you’ll find that you can spend hours coloring these lovely pictures. They aren’t like the old paint-by-number kits. You’ll be choosing your own colors and creating your own special design.

I hope that you’re getting inspired to do something creative while you’re in lockdown or just staying home because of your health. I certainly want to be more creative while I’m on the couch.

@2021, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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