Good Immune Health Can Help Prevent Neurodegeneration

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Many causes of brain-health issues are related to immune system responses, and are treatable — even potentially curable. And for many struggling with neurodegeneration, supporting immune system health is crucial.

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Maybe you’re feeling alone and isolated and worried about your health, or you’re worried about a loved one’s well-being. There are things that you can focus on right now to boost your immunity:

Mindset: Stress lowers immunity, so focus on offering yourself up some self-compassion! Dance, sing, listen to music, laugh, do what you love… or focus on one person you can help today.

Sleep: Sleep is an underlying principle for health, and it’s possible neurodegenerative issues might be impacting your sleep. Make sure you turn off your electronics two hours before going to sleep or use a blue light blocker.

Supplementation: Glutathione, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc are key in maintaining healthy immunity. These nutrients can also be found in healthy, whole foods.

Optimum nutrition: Eat well, and in addition to making sure you’re getting the nutrients you need, it is equally important to eliminate inflammation-causing foods like sugar, alcohol and other simple carbs.

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