Prioritizing June

Prioritizing June

Accumulating, Harmonizing, Prioritizing, Training: These are the prompt words for us this month. A Chronic Voice is hosting this Chronic Illness Blogger group who all share our thoughts on the prompt words. My main concern this month is prioritizing June.

June is starting out hot here, after having a gloriously mild spring season. June looks to be a complicated and thrilling month for me. The plans for my travel are coming to be and I can’t wait until Wednesday. I’ll finally be able to hold my newest grandchild! He’ll be two and one half months, and I wanted to see him when he was a newborn, but my husband’s cancer diagnosis stopped that.

Now, he won’t need to return for an injection until July. That gives us time to visit with all our children and grandchildren. My father has requested that I stay down there with them, because my mother’s dementia is getting much worse. He feels that she needs me there. My husband and I had already been talking about this and feel that I should do this.


I’ve been accumulating too many books lately. Our home doesn’t have book shelves, because we are temporarily renting a townhome. It’s full and we don’t want to buy bookshelves for a temporary place. Most of our books are boxed up until we move into a permanent home. I love reading and because my book blog helps me to get free books, I’ve really accumulated a huge pile. The television stand is holding all it can, and I’ll need to start boxing some of them. I don’t have many toddler books, but the children’s books will be given to my grandchildren when they’re a little older.

Choir Harmonizing


This word brings to mind the many years I spent loving music. As a child, I heard my aunts and grandmother singing in harmony. They were all musicians and blended their voices beautifully. Also, on our many family trips my mother would sing with us and we learned to harmonize with her. Later, I sang in school choirs and college choirs. The harmonizing in the Chamber Choir was so amazing. We sang Bach and madrigals, which were challenging lines to sing. The hard work paid off when all our voices worked together to create the beautiful music.

The lack of harmony in our world is just backwards to what can happen when people blend their lovely lines with others to create something beautiful. When communities that are different work together, bringing their “music” to share, a beautiful harmony can be created. During the pandemic, there has been great division, but we’ve also seen signs of different groups coming together to make lovely music. Although there will always be “disonance,” harmony can still exist.


Having chronic illness makes prioritizing one’s health necessary. When the body is fighting to be healthy (or at least as healthy as possible), we must prioritize the treatment and care that it demands. With the long list of disorders I live with, I find that often I’m not prioritizing my health. I don’t know if I’m being self-destructive, or if I’m just putting others needs first, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I make choices to maintain or improve my health. There are many things I can’t expect to get better, but some can.

If I go to stay with my mother, I’m prioritizing her needs. It’s a hard decision, because my husband has cancer. I feel torn, because I feel like I need to be with him as he fights this disease. I also struggle, because I’m not physically strong and fear that I won’t be much help for her. But, my husband insists that I should go for now. When we prioritize something, it costs us something. There are two sides to every coin, so to speak. I’ll need to make changes in my health care and that will take time and energy. But, it is the right thing for us.

Nurses training


We spend a great deal of our time in training. We’ve been trained by our parents to use our manners. We’ve been potty trained and trained to ride a bike. Whether we completed training to become a teacher or an computer technician, we were all trained. I love learning and also love training others. As an educator, training is natural to me.

As a professional sick person, I appreciate the training that my doctors, nurses, and alternate clinicians have received. I read as much as I can, but love being able to ask my wholistic doctor for his opinions. It’s wonderful that we all have our unique giftings and callings.

Psalm 109:26
Help me, O Lord my God;
Save me according to Your lovingkindness.

I hope and pray that June will bring me many needed blessings. I need tons of strength, as I’ll be traveling in a car and plane for almost 2,000 miles. The long car rides will be terrifically difficult and will bring me much pain. Seeing my grandchildren will be worth it all. Staying with my mother will be trying. Because they keep their home very warm, I will be hot and sweaty most of the time. It will be a challenge, but it will be rewarding to spend time with her when she needs me. This month will be a great time of depending on God for every little thing.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my experiences and opinions, and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

4 thoughts on “Prioritizing June”

  1. I so agree that it can be difficult to prioritise our health, even when we need to so much. There are so many other people and situations that require our attention and we often forget ourselves I find. I hope you can find some balance with it.

  2. Wonderful blog post. So great that you will get to see your new grandson!!

    I completely understand about your mom’s dementia. We care for my husband’s father, who is 96 and has dementia, too. Some days, he’s OK, and some, he’s totally lost. It’s heart-breaking and very difficult. And to be in the middle of your husband’s battle with cancer, too – that sounds difficult. Thinking of you.

    Too many books?? I didn’t know there was such a thing! ha ha No, I understand if you don’t have bookcases for now – we have one in every room! I didn’t realize you were a book blogger, too – I also have both a chronic illness blog and a book blog 🙂

    I hope your travels go as well as possible and the joy of seeing your grandchildren outweighs the pain of travel –


    My Book: Finding a New Normal: Living Your Best Life with Chronic Illness

    1. I’m following your blog, too. Reading is the best! I love having a book blog. The trip is exhausting but wonderful. Thanks for letting me know about the books part of your blog.

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