A Day for Thanksgiving

After all the stress and drama trying to get a driver’s license, a miracle happened! The documentation I was missing was a marriage certificate. After trying to order one from Virginia, it looked like I wasn’t going to be able to qualify. I sent it anyway, just to see if they would take my proof and they did! Monday I received an email that it was approved and was being shipped.

UPS said that it would arrive today by 7PM. If it came after 4 it was going to be too late to make it to the DMV. We prayed for it to arrive early and it did. It was delivered at 1:55 PM and I was waiting with my shoes on. We headed to the DMV and got in line. By 3:00 I had my new temporary license, which is just a little piece of paper. Boy, I sure don’t want to lose it.


I was so thankful to get my license in time for our trip tomorrow. Otherwise this very long trip was going to be very complicated. I certainly didn’t want to be an inconvience for everyone. But, now I could finish preparing for the trip. I don’t know about you but, getting ready to travel is the worst!

I had to return my son’s shorts for a bigger size and went shopping. After a few minutes I was getting very tired and in a lot of pain. My back was throbbing! But, I had one more stop to get dog supplies. I made the big mistake to go to Walmart and I had never been to this one. I looked and looked for the pet supplies. Unfortunately, I walked the entire length of the store and front to back before I found the right section. I was limping all through the store.

Even though I was wearing my Birkenstocks, the bottom of my feet were crying. I limped my way back to the car and headed home to pack. My husband is exhausted because of his cancer treatments and doesn’t feel like doing as much packing as he used to. Thankfully, our son is doing more to help us get ready.

foot massage

I now have ice packs on my swollen feet. Because of EDS my feet feel broken. All the bones hurt. Everything hurts.

In the past, my husband took care of everything because I just hurt too much. Now, he’s also ill and we are quite the pair. I know we will continue to ask God to provide enough energy and strength to make this trip and for safety. I can’t wait to arrive in two days to see my new grandchild. It will be a day filled with joy to hold the little one we’ve prayed for and love.

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