I’m so happy to be back! I never really left, but my computer did. After the computer I use died completely, I was trying to blog with my cell phone. I know some people use a cell phone as their computer, but I had nothing but trouble.

My computer replacement showed up yesterday, and I have felt such relief to have a working machine! My spirits have definitely lifted now that I can use all the sites I need to create graphics and send emails.

Yesterday was a great day for another reason….I got a massage. I haven’t had one in 2 or 3 years and it was marvelous. This small town only had one place to get one. The local medical wellness center has one massage therapist and she is very good. The no-nonsense massage room had a little calming music to drown out the weight-room next door. The floor fan offered a lovely breeze because no air conditioning can keep up with the temperature outdoors.

Mississippi is in a heat wave with 110 heat index and boy is it awful outside! The humidity really gets to you when you step outside. Next week there should be some relief of these terrible temperatures. I really felt the misery yesterday when my parent’s van stopped in the middle of an intersection.

I was praying for God to help us as I pushed the hazard lights on. A very kind man behind us jumped out and pushed the van into a nearby parking lot. I thanked him profusely! My elderly mom was with me and I walked her slowly into the CVS store where I found her a seat. I didn’t want her to overheat in the parking lot as we waited for someone to pick us up.

After the massage, my upper back feels much more relaxed. My left hip (which is always slightly out of joint) really hurt when I first got off of the massage table. But as I walked around, it shifted into a more comfortable position. Lots of ice and then heat helped my middle back after I had to get a few groceries for my parents.

I don’t think I’ll be able to stay here much longer because my body just can’t handle all the extra work here. I look forward to my husband coming to visit soon. I’ll continue to pray for him as he has another oncology appointment on Monday. He will have his regular injection and a few blood tests to monitor his progress.

As I was in laptop-addiction panic, I can say that it was a very frustrating time. The stress really bothered me in every way. I’m so grateful to be back to my computer-normal.

@2021, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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