I Hate Spitting In A Test Tube

Yesterday I was pretty annoyed heading to the pharmacy. My husband and I had been exposed at our doctor’s office, because the NP wasn’t vaccinated or wearing masks on a regular basis. So now my hubby and I had to go get a gross test.

We had instructions to park in the lot and call the pharmacy. They brought out a kit and left us in the car to cough and spit into a vial. After hacking, gagging, and spitting for a while, the pharmacy tech came back out and took our samples to send off for testing. It was a truly nauseating experience.

This morning we received a text message to find out that there was no evidence of covid. That was a relief, but I was still ticked that I even had to go through that. We’ve been so careful to protect ourselves from the virus. I totally expected my physician’s office to be taking precautions, as well. Obviously that didn’t happen. I know that covid is highly contaigious, but why wouldn’t a doctor’s office have better standards than this?

This afternoon I let hubby drive me to my cardiology appointment. I see the cardiologist once a year to keep track of my heart health. I had a short EKG and was asked a lot of questions. My weight was down and my blood pressure was fine. The physician said to continue taking my medication. I take Metoprolol at a low dose because I have Left Bundle Branch Block. Because this only occurs when I am in a very high stress position, like heavy exercise.

heart health

I don’t do any heavy exercise any more, so I only went into LBBB during a stress test. I don’t worry too much about this type of event happening, but I do worry about my heart. My cholesterol is bad, so I must continue working on my diet and exercise.

I’m following my de-stress plan and I’ve done very good except for yesterday. I got so busy working hard that when the day was winding down I realized that nothing had been done on that list. Today I’ve been trying to put my health first because my body doesn’t automatically behave itself. It would rather fight me or attack my glands. I’ll just try to love it back and ask God to bless me.

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  1. I had to have a spit test done before my surgery last fall and had the HARDEST time getting enough spit for that thing. I could not believe how dried out I felt afterwards (where I then had to go inside for blood draw– which they struggled with!). Glad your tests were negative.

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