Should I Find A New GP?

Seeing my General Practitioner this week left me with conflicting emotions. In one way, he’s tried more treatments than any other doctor ever has. But, I haven’t had any long-term benefits in my overall health.

I’ve been actually annoyed at many things that I keep hearing from him. He’s pushing hard for me to take Ozone Treatments at $100 a treatment. This would cost $1000 per month. He wants to put “ozone” into my veins. Even as an alternative treatment, I can’t find any “ozone into the vein” information online. This seems very sketchy to me. It’s also very expensive.

He spoke this week about “EDS” using quote signs, and rolling his eyes. This sign that he thinks that it’s not even real infuriated me.

This doctor doesn’t take insurance and everything I do there comes out of my pocket. He and the NP there refused vaccinations and both caught covid. They gave me a prescription for oral Ivermectin in case we caught it from them. They don’t wear masks in the office. He also told me that Hydroxychloroquine would keep me from getting covid.

When I first started going to him, I felt I was getting help. He started me on Low Dose Naltrexone and it seemed like I was having more energy. But, after a couple of months that energy was gone. Although I continue taking it, I’m completely drained every day. I get an occasional day where I have more energy, but the next day it’s gone.


No matter what, I only get rid of pain with high doses of Advil. I’m never offered any type of Opiod, even though taking it after surgery certainly helped my overall pain.

I’m seriously considering leaving this doctor and searching for a typical general practitioner. I really dread searching for a new doctor, when I don’t even feel like making appointments for many other pressing needs: Bone Density tests, Gynocology, Eye doctor, and getting CPAP supplies at the Medical Supply Store.

Deep down, I feel like I need to find someone that I trust and who is on the same page with me. What do you think? I’d love your advice. Thanks

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Disclosure: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my experiences and opinions and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

8 thoughts on “Should I Find A New GP?”

  1. It certainly sounds like you need a new GP. But as I’m in the US, I don’t know what that would entail. However, I HATE having to find any new doc, so I can understand your hesitancy. Right now, I have a good team and sure hope they don’t move or retire! Good luck on your decision making.

    1. Thank you. I hate looking for a new doctor, too. Unfortunately, I think I’ll have to start this journey yet again. I’m glad your team is working well for you!

  2. Oh yes Lisa, PLEASE find a new GP 🙁 He definitely sounds wacko and like he’d cause you harm in the long run. I believe we need to like and trust our doctors as chronic illness, unfortunately, is for life 🙁

    1. Thank you for the confirmation of what I’ve been thinking. I love getting advice from someone who deals with the many of the same issues.

  3. My GP never dismissed my diagnosis, but he was prescription happy. I ended up on more drugs than in my entire life. Also prednisone for any bit of inflammation, resulting in easy bruising (and my skin stays discolored long afterwards). Also didn’t believe in basic supplements or integrated care or specialists. And I never got more than 10 of my 20 minute visit, waited at least 45 minutes for that. So, I fired him & am seeing a female PA. She’s so calm, listens & asks great questions. I did a lot of research & read a lot of reviews before I chose her. So glad I did!

    1. Oh, you had an awful doctor before. I’m so glad that you found a PA who is what you need. If they don’t listen and converse about the problems, you know that you’re not being heard.

  4. OMG – he’s telling you to take Ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine for COVID?? And an eyeroll for EDS? He’s clearly NOT listening to the science – I would get away, quick.

    I know how awful it is looking for someone new, but sometimes you can get lucky! I was unhappy with our GP when I first got sick and even less satisfied with his minimal efforts to figure out what was wrong with me. A year later, we switched to a new doctor (just one who was near us and accepting new patients) and I got lucky – she knew immediately that I had ME/CFS (and I didn’t know at the time how rare that was) AND the basics of how to treat it.

    As for LDN no longer helping as much, I can help you with that! Try taking it every other day OR reducing the dose. With LDN, less is more, given the intricate way it works with brain chemistry and the immune system. When your body gets used to it, going to every other day can re-ignite those early gains you felt. It worked for my son and I! We still have our same Rx’s – just take them every other night instead of every night. Try it!

    Good luck with your search for a new doctor. You don’t need an expert – just someone who is willing to listen, that will read a study when you give it to them, and who is willing learn alongside you.


    Live with ME/CFS

    1. I agree, Sue! Thanks for the advice about the LDN. I’ll try that and see if it starts helping again. Finding doctors is a real pain, but I’m so glad you found one that could actually diagnose you. That’s a true blessing!

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