Chronic Illness Self-Care Ideas For Fall

Chronic Illness Self-Care Ideas for Fall pumpkins

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Living with chronic illness means that we will need a lot of self care. Depending on our personalities and level of disability, our self-care ideas will differ. And, sometimes it just depends on if we’re having a flare or are living in our normal. But, wherever you are in chronic life, self-care helps.

I love how self-care makes me feel a little better physically, but does even more for me mentally and emotionally. I haven’t done well with my self-care this past week. I’ve been trying to get ahead with my posting because I plan to travel next week and want to get ahead. Even though this is blog work (where I can sit in my recliner), it’s still mentally tiring. I feel tension. Since I neglected to add self-care, I’m feeling the stress today.

Fall has arrived and I’m going to try and find some new ways to add self-care for my schedule.

Adding a different or special soothing drink to my quiet time feels like self-care. The new pumpkin spice and other seasonal creamers are now available. Adding those to my coffee at home is really comforting. If I feel like going out, the coffee shops all have many wonderful fall lattes and other drinks.

Coffee and danish

Going to a fall event can feel great if you’re up to it. Plan ahead to make sure you’re going to be able to physically participate. If standing or walking far exhausts you, take a wheelchair or a portable seat that you can use. I have a wheelchair that usually collects dust in the garage, but if I were to need to stand or walk very far, I would make sure we bring it in the trunk.

Visiting a farmer’s market can be relaxing. You can explore seasonal fruits and vegetables and bring something home to cook. Again, I would use a wheelchair to avoid standing/walking for long times. If you can’t go yourself, get a delivery from your local healthy grocery store. And, if cooking is too much (as it often is for me) order a pumpkin pie to enjoy.

Decorating for fall will make your home’s ambiance improve dramatically. I love to smell a fall scented candle because it really gets me in a fall mood. I also love mums and pumpkins. I usually kill mums within a week or two. But if you can keep them alive, mums are so cheerful. I love combining many colors in a grouping with a pumpkin or two. If you have the ability or have a hubby or roomie to help, decorating for fall is self-care for me.

Skin care or facials are wonderful for self-care. Going to a spa would be amazing, but is often too expensive. I love to look for face masks, hair conditioners, or new fall nail polish. I want to feel pretty even though I usually look like a disaster. Treating myself to a new beauty treatment feels great emotionally. Many times I have a nice skin or hair treatment in my cabinet, but have never used it. It’s time to pull that stuff out and enjoy!

Walking barefoot on the ground is another method of self-care. Much has been written about how connecting to the ground is good for our overall health. I’m not sure what to believe, but I know as a child walking barefoot on the ground was my normal. It couldn’t hurt to add this to my self-care list.

Reading a book in bed

Reading a feel-good book is one of my favorite self-care ideas. Whatever genre relaxes you can be fun and calming. It’s a time to just be with yourself. I love to read a sweet romance to get lost in a story that makes me smile. If only chronic life had such happy endings.

Sometimes it’s nice to order a special treat online. My daughter loves to use a box subscription that surprises her each month with a self-care item. There are many of them out there and you can find a custom box that really fits your needs. The HopeBox subscription box is one that is beautiful and perfect for self-care. Purchase your Hopebox on Cratejoy now!

I hope that you’ll try some of these self-care ideas for yourself. If you have a great idea that helps you, please share with us. We all need more ways to boost our moods.

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Disclosure: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my opinions and experiences and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

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