I Hate Barometric Changes

Today the weather is changing, going from mild days to the start of snow and rain. I woke up with the same headache that I went to bed with. I also felt very dizzy all day. I haven’t dealt with this much dizziness in quite a while and it caught me by surprise.

Every time I tried to get up to head for the shower, my dizziness was intense. I even had to slide down on the floor once because things were getting black. It’s been years since this happened, and I really don’t like it. It makes me feel very disabled when this happens. I am not sure what’s causing it, but I’ll just wrack it up to being associated with my respiratory virus.

My coughing has been better each day, but today I just felt so very weak. Hubby brought me some vegan chili and rice. It tasted great but I had a horrible choking episode. The last few months have been awful because of the swallowing problems. I can choke on air, water, saliva, and food. I choked and coughed for about 15 minutes. A cough drop finally calmed down my throat so that I could finish eating.

But, my throat is so sore and hoarse after all that. I’m not sure if it’s Vocal Chord Dysfunction or just Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I know that EDS hypermobility can lead to lots of choking and feelings of choking. It’s such an annoying part of having messed up connective tissue.

Another condition I have, Mast Cell Activation Disorder, also can leave me with throat problems, such as tightening. My allergist suggested that I also have Vocal Chord Dysfunction. I wasn’t formally diagnosed with the tests, but I have the symptoms and my son also has it.

Throat Pain

I find that with my dry mouth (from Sjogren’s) I need lots of liquid in my mouth to swallow. But times like today, adding the extra liquid and swallowing just causes me to get severely choked. I seem to do better with small bites and chewing them for a long time. After I swallow, then I can drink a little water. I hope that I can remember to slow down and do this when I eat.

This day was so exhausting! I got nothing done until evening when I felt able to get a shower. I’ve been trying to undecorate the Christmas tree and have been packing up one box each day, but not today. It looks very sad with only a few ornaments left on the front side of the tree. But, I really will feel better when it’s put up and everything gets vacuumed and dusted well.

I really enjoy that naked-house look after the holidays, because it seems all minimalistic. I’m sure that I could never really pull that off but it feels clean and crisp. It will feel peaceful when it’s neat again in my living room.

Well, as we wait for the snow, I’ll just try to tolerate this lowering of the barometric pressure and how it affects my poor head. As long as the internet stays on, I’ll be happy to vegetate again tomorrow. Stay warm!

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my opinions and experiences and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a physical problem, please consult your personal physician.

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