3 Ways To Bring The Outdoors Inside Your Home

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House Plants


Having indoor plants is the most obvious way to bring the outdoors into your home. Plants are beautiful and healthy. Selecting plants that fit with your decor or style helps you to customize your home. You may love large plants, small plants, or a combination.

Do you love all green plants, or like to have colorful blooms? Pick your favorites but make sure and ask lots of questions before you purchase. You’ll want to know about the care they need, light required, and more.

Home Decor

Decorating With Nature

If you love nature, it’s so beautiful to bring those elements into your living space. Using natural decor with earthy items will make you feel even closer to nature. Use real wood in your furniture and picture frames. Rattan pieces are very popular now and work well with a boho theme.

Natural fabrics are an extension of nature in your room, too. All natural cotton is beautiful and easy to take care of. Linen or cotton draperies are fashionable and work with a variety of decor styles. Colors of nature look lovely on the wall or as an accent color.

Patio Sliding Screen Door

Fresh Air

Even though it’s still hot in August, we will soon be feeling the early signs of Fall. Fall is the perfect time to leave the high cost of air conditioning and benefit from cooler air outdoors. One of the best ways to bring in the fresh, cool air is by opening the windows and doors.

To get the most breeze it helps to have cross-ventilation. Opening windows or doors on opposite sides of the house will enable the fresh air to blow right through. I love having screen windows and doors, because they allow the full breeze without the entrance of bugs.

Early fall may feel a little cooler, but there are still plenty of flying insects around. Good screens are important. Some of them aren’t installed correctly, some may have holes that are too big, and some have damage from pets.

Cats are especially bad about shreading screens. So when it’s time to replace a screen door or window, you can learn to easily replace one that has been damaged or is poor quality. I’ve done it before, and was surprised at how easy it was.

At my home we have had to replace entire screen doors. One reason is because the screen wasn’t good quality. Another time our cat ripped up the screen and bugs could enter. But, I’ve seen plenty of damaged frames. When the frames get bent you can quickly replace the entire screen door. All you need to do is buy a kit.

This Sliding Patio Screen Door Kit can come in standard sizes, but can also be ordered in larger or custom sizes. And, there are a variety of screen types to help you customize even more.

As we look forward to pumpkin-spice season, it’s so rejuvenating to bring the outdoors inside our homes. We can be so thankful for the changing of the seasons and the beauty that comes with it. I hope you’ll enjoy the fun that comes with bringing the outdoors inside!

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