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5 Tips To Protect Your Car With Longterm Parking

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When is the last time you left the house? I haven’t driven my car anywhere in almost two months. Did you know that leaving a car parked for long periods of time can be bad for your car? With many of us living with chronic illnesses, this time of quarantine can keep us home. And, that means that we need to know how to protect our car during longterm parking.

While some people are getting out and working again, the vulnerable population has still been advised to stay indoors. With my long list of diseases and disorders, I consider myself one of the vulnerable. I plan to stay home all the time. But, my car’s condition can be damaged by being left too long parked in the driveway or garage.

I’ve been learning a lot about long term parking and proper ways to protect my car from Repair Smith. Here are some wonderful tips:

  • Clean Your Car – Have you ever opened the car door and discovered a horrible smell only to find a carton of unfinished milk or food? It’s so hard to remove the odor. If you know you won’t be driving often, make sure to clean out the inside of your car. Washing the outside is helpful, too.
  • Make Sure To Get Filled Tanks – Keeping the gas tank full prevents moisture from building up in the tank. Proper air in the tires will help to prevent flat spots from the tires sitting still for too long. Make sure other fluids are also appropriately filled.
  • If you can’t drive it every couple of weeks, try to crank it and let it run for 10 or 15 minutes. Running the air conditioning is also helpful for maintaining this function.
  • An automobile cover can protect the finish from sun or sap.
  • Check things out before you start driving again: Look under the hood for leaks or small animal infestation. Check the tire pressure and windshield wipers.
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Because I’m planning to shelter in place as long as necessary these tips will be very useful at my house. While I protect my health I can also protect my car. This leaves me with one less thing to be stressed about.

Repair Smith is a mobile car repair service. This is a service that is perfect for those of us with chronic illnesses. Even when there is no health crisis, taking my car to the repair shop is a huge burden.

Making an appointment can be tough, because when the appointment date arrives, I might not be well enough to drive. Also, waiting for my car to be repaired is difficult. Sitting and waiting in a small chair for hours is too painful. Often, the smells in an auto garage will cause me to have an allergic reaction, which can be dangerous.

Repair Smith is an unbelievable solution for us. We never have to leave the house, because they will come right to our house and make repairs where we live. They even offer No-Contact Car Repairs in which they disinfect their tools and wear face masks and gloves.

Repair Smith offers upfront pricing, online appointment booking, after-hours support, text and phone support, and a full warranty. What more could you need?

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