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Why Moms Should Care About Scripture Memorization

I’m honored to present this guest post to you from Dakota Lynch of Scripture Memory Fellowship.  Mr Lynch is the IT & Communications Manager, and has been a wonderful help to the homeschool community.  Please enjoy his thoughts on Scripture Memorization and visit the Scripture Memory Fellowship website to see the amazing program there.  Over the last two years, I’ve traveled …

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Chronic Illness, Contentment, Spiritual Life

Overcoming Problems With God’s Never Ending Love

Never-ending problems occur when you have chronic illnesses.  I seem to have an ongoing issue with my medicines.  Seizure medicines are trial and error with many patients.  Zonegran side-effects have been rough on me, and the medicine hasn’t completely stopped my seizures.  It did stop  the seizure from finishing, but not all the seizure. The Zonegran also made me depressed. …

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