Chronic Illness

Encore Day at The Healing Hashimoto’s Summit

affiliate link included Have you been attending the free Healing Hashimoto’s Summit webinars? For the past week, tens of thousands have learned from the expert advice needed to live a happy, healthy life with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Were you there? Since it’s Encore Day, the personal stories, advice, tips and in-clinic practices from these amazing experts, not just to diagnose and …

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Chronic Illness, Contentment

Life Is Too Good

I know it’s officially fall, but I hardly know what day or season it is.  When you’re like me, and you only go out of the house for doctor’s appointments, you lose track of the days, weeks, seasons…. I’ve been stuck in my house since my hysterectomy surgery in 2015.  After the surgery recovery was complete, my body had become …

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