Do you incorporate Unit Studies in your homeschool?  Unit studies are one of my favorite ways to teach in homeschool.  A unit study takes a Theme and teaches that theme through all (or most) of the subjects that you’re teaching your child.  We’ve used numerous curriculum developers over the years, but I want to introduce you to Homeschool Complete!


Homeschool Complete is an all-inclusive curriculum.  That means that each unit study will incorporate all the subjects, not just history, language, and Bible.  The lesson plans are developed by a certified teacher and have been used and tested by homeschoolers.  Grade-level standards are also applicable.

Your child will be challenged in each unit, and all ways of learning are covered.  That’s one of my favorite reasons to use unit studies.  Children learn differently and unit studies offer activities that will present the subject information using many different ways of learning.  Students will learn with all their senses, which helps them to retain what they’re learning.

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Homeschool Complete offered me a unit to review: Seasons.  This unit covers: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, Physical Development, Fitness, Character Development, and Bible.  The unit for Grade 1 provides everything you would ever need to teach and manage your record-keeping.  You’ll find step-by-step lesson plans, which helps prevent spending hours preparing your lessons.  The list of low-cost supplies is printed for you and many of the books can be borrowed from your local library.

The complete unit offers general teaching advice, as well as detailed methods.  These are wonderful for inexperienced teachers or for those who’ve never done a unit study before.

The Specific Skills List is broken down by subject level and let you know exactly what your student will learn by the end of the unit. The supplies list is broken down per lesson, so that you’ll know when and what supplies you’ll need for each day.  This is better than many of the unit studies I’ve used in the past.  Homeschool moms need time to make sure they have all the supplies for each day.  Otherwise, when the daily lesson begins, everything will fall apart if the supplies aren’t ready.

Many of the needed supplies are included in the Homeschool Complete downloadable unit.  An example of that is the cute Calendar and Hundreds Chart Number Line.  You won’t have to search online for free printable or purchase these.  They’re included: just print them off for each child.

In seasons, the children collect leaves, and use a styrofoam ball to create the earth and it’s axis.  They will learn together how the seasons occur.  The leaves are used for art; a leaf rubbing project is always great!.  The math sheets are cute and colorful and can be printed.  The language arts worksheet covering vowels is also printable and is colorful and engaging.

Your children will do many hands-on activities, but only those that are relevant for learning.  These aren’t just busy-work activities.  Children will sing and also compose original lyrics.  Using traditional teaching methods, such as copy-work and flashcards, students will reinforce what they’re learning for long-term retention.

I was amazed at all the terrific learning activities that were in this unit.  Students were able to read, journal, cook, do map studies, and play season charades!  So much learning and so much fun!  This is definitely a program that I can recommend to my homeschool friends.  I hope you’ll check this out for yourself.

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And, now we have a special treat for my readers: A Giveaway!  Homeschool Complete is giving away this terrific prize: Printed copy of the Unit Study (student & teacher pages) plus all the manipulatives and games included in the lessons for the Homeschool Complete Seasons Unit Study.

·         Seasons Unit Study

·         Sight Word Flashcards

·         Sight Word Bingo

·         Alphabet Memory Game

·         Student Journal

·         100 chart

·         Calendar

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To enter the giveaway: Entrants must be 18+, and a US resident.  Winner will be notified by email 48 hours after the giveaway.  Winner will have 48 hours to reply and claim the prize.  If they fail to reply, a new winner will be chosen.  No social media is responsible in any way for this giveaway.  Homeschool Complete is responsible for prize fulfillment.

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