Disclosure: I was sent the Squashed game to review, but wasn’t compensated otherwise.  All opinions are 100% my own.  Affiliate link included.

Squashed Review

Have you been on the look-out for games that teach problem solving for young children?  This new game also teaches strategy and will offer hours of fun!

While most games are electronic now that keep children glued to screens, Squashed will entertain your children by having real fun with their playmates.  Squashed can be played with 2-4 players.  The game is recommended for ages 6 and up.  It’s also easy to learn to play!


You can see all of the components of Squashed, here.  The Squash square has hinges so that you can store all the game parts inside.  The game pieces consist of the King and the smaller pawns.  The pawns come in four bright colors: purple, green, orange, and red.  Dice is provided to roll at each turn.

Kids love getting to the King and then flipping the cube!  This Squashes their opponents and that is fun for everyone!  See who has the last pawn to win the game!  Kids over 6 will love playing.

The little pawns fit into the holes snuggly, and will be too difficult to pull out by a child younger than 6.  Also, it’s not designed to be safe for tots, because of the small size of the pawns.  I like the felt pad that goes under the cube.  This also protects your furniture surface when the board might get flipped a little aggressively by kids.

It’s a fun game and your family can play it together on game night!  Check it out at PlaySmart, as well as all their other great toys and games.  HERE is a link to all their products. You can buy the Squashed Game here at Amazon.

Squashed Cube

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