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Do you want your children to learn Bible lessons?  There is a new book that will not only make the Old Testament come alive, but will also help children learn how the characters fit into God’s big picture.

If you’re like me, you want your children to love the Bible and yearn for more time reading it.  This new book offers your children engaging lessons that you will love to share with them.

What God Is Doing is the new book that is coming out this week!  You can find a softcover book or even a digital version on Kindle.  The autographed softcover version will be ready to ship today, December 1st!

There are 26 Old Testament object lessons in this new book that make kids love to learn.  The author says,

“A Bible object lesson uses a common item to tie together Biblical truth and life application. Items can include tangible hand-held objects, pictures, science experiments, and drama.

When Jesus taught He used object lessons: a mustard seed, the birds, the lilies of the field, a storm…

If Jesus used object lessons, then perhaps we should use them, too.”


This book doesn’t just contain Bible stories.  Each lesson offers your family a Scripture reference, object lesson, Bible lesson, and a life application.  These lessons will certainly capture your child’s attention.

Here are some of the lessons that your family could enjoy:

Table of Contents

How Did We Get Here?

Why Do People Do Bad Things?

Noah and the Flood

The Tower of Babel

The Call of Abram

Abaraham’s Challenge to Sacrifice Isaac

Jacob and Esau


The Ten Plagues

The Passover

Moses and the Law

The Twelve Spies and the Wandering

Samuel, the Ark, and the Philistines

The Divided Kingdom of Israel

…and MORE!

Would you like to have this book in your home?  You can purchase it now on Amazon and it will be shipped on December.  This will come just in time for Christmas wrapping.  It will make a wonderful gift for your children or grandchildren.

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