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A Family 4th Of July

A Family Fourth Of July

Do you love celebrating the 4th of July with your family, but don’t want to spend much money?  I feel the same way, so I wanted to offer you some great ideas!  There are many ways to celebrate Independence Day without going broke.


When you want to decorate your home or yard for a fun 4th, think outside the box.  What do you already own in the colors of red, white, and blue?  I always look into my Christmas decorations for red items that could be used for this holiday, too.  Maybe you collect blue and white pottery or dishes or just white items.  These things could be the basis for your decorations.

Now, you can add a few things to this to create a celebratory mood.  If you have construction paper, you can get crafty and make some decorations yourself.  Or better yet, let your kids make them.  Cutting out red and white stars and making a banner could be fun and bring so much color to your party.

If you want to buy some great decorations for very little money, you can always visit the Dollar Tree.  Their stores carry all types of decorations for the Fourth of July.  And, don’t be afraid to look in other isles for items that are red, white, or blue.  Adding ribbons, banners, or balloons is so festive!

Are you worried about spending a fortune at the grocery store for your spread?  You don’t have to serve expensive dishes to have fun and make great memories.  We love to cook chicken in the crock pot with homemade BBQ sauce.  When it’s tender, I shred it up with a fork and knife and serve it on buns.  It’s delicious!  Adding sides is easy; just buy whats on sale.  Corn, baked beans, and slaw are easy and scrumptious.


The best way to not spend too much is to have a potluck meal.  Just tell everyone to bring their favorite picnic dish.  Serve water and lemonade and enjoy!

Having some yard games can keep the kids (and adults) busy.  Do you have a volleyball net or croquet game?  A large group might enjoy softball, football, or capture-the-flag.  A musical group might sing patriotic songs around the campfire.

If you have a free fireworks show nearby, that can be great entertainment.  In our city, there are free shows and shows at the local baseball game.  Because my health is bad, we are very content to watch the amazing presentations on tv.  The Boston Pops has long been my favorite, but there are two or three to choose from.


Many towns will have a history-themed event, such as a parade or play about our founding fathers.  We have a few historic homes in the area that will have free admittance and wonderful learning centers.  These are some of our favorites, because we’re homeschoolers and love history!

For cute outfits, we always loved the Old Navy patriotic tees.  They’re really cheap and cute!  You can also buy cheap tees at craft stores and decorate them yourself.  Michaels has an adorable craft project you might want to try!

Don’t work too hard and don’t spend too much.  Just have a great time with your family and friends.  Celebrating our Independence Day is memorable no matter what you do.
@2018, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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