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Special Lessons For Summer

Homeschool families often count every learning activity as a class….sewing class, baking class, etc.  But, if you’re like me, these lessons are hard to schedule during the busy school year.  Summer is a wonderful time to schedule special lessons that you couldn’t fit in during the year.


If you have the time and money, structured lessons for your children can be started in the summer.  Your child may have been begging for music lessons, art lessons, or dance lessons.  Summer is a more relaxed time to start learning something new that takes practice.  Your child will have many more hours to participate in a new activity.

If you can’t do structured lessons, there are many terrific ways to learn something new in the summer.  If your child has already got an instrument, they can spend extra time in the summer to learn new songs or concentrate on a different aspect of music.  Some children may want to compose their own song, learn theory, or try a new style.  Parents can help them or just let them explore.

If your child loves drawing or another form of art, let them explore to their hearts content.  Give them lots of art supplies and let them paint or draw all they want.  Check yard sales and thrift stores for art supplies.  Many people give up and want to get rid of these things.  Brag on their creations and join them if you like.


Do you have an aspiring photographer in your family?  Let your child use your camera or phone to capture sights digitally.  They (or you) can delete the photos that don’t turn out well.  They can experiment with photo editing and learn so much.  What a fun way to capture the beauty of summer and your family memories, too!

You’ll have more time in the summer to teach your child to sew.  Let them help to design their sewing project and work with them to learn and the results will be a lifetime of helpful and creative skill.  Sewing can be messy and a slow process, so summer is my favorite time to work at it.

Baking and cooking can be more relaxed in the summer, too.  With fresh produce and outdoor cooking, your children can learn new ways of preparing meals.  Work with them, and (if age-appropriate) turn them loose to be creative.  My daughter became quite a cook by letting her experiment in the kitchen.


You can follow these examples with many other things: drama, dance, woodworking, jewelry-making, and movie-making.  I’m sure you’ll think of many more.  But, don’t forget to explore ways for your children to serve others.  Volunteering can be done through your church or local volunteer organization.  It can be a family affair or older children may want to join a project that grabs their attention.

The main focus of summer should be, “make the days count”.  The hot days fly by, and I never wanted to let my children spend all their time playing video games or staring at their phones.  Whatever you choose to do, I hope your summer is blessed with great family memories.

@2018, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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