In 4 days I will be finished with this dreadful medicine change.  In 9 days, I’ll be at the Homeschool Convention.  These two dates are so close!

Homeschool Convention banner

I have been extremely sick during this time.  Dizziness, nausea, extreme sleepiness, and anxiety are the worst side-effects of the medication changes.  This is such an awful thing to go through, that I feel like sometimes I should be in a hospital.  But, I guess being home is better and cheaper.  Hubby is taking good care of me.

When I arrive at the Homeschool Convention, I will have only had a few days to let my body adjust to the final dose of my new medicine.  As you know, homeschool conventions are exhausting, physically.  I’m working on my plan to make it as easy as possible.  When I attended in the past, I was much younger.  I had more energy, but still dealt with back pain.  I remember always looking for places to rest.  There were never enough chairs in those huge conference centers.

I found that sitting along the hallway walls worked just fine.  I would sit cross-legged with my rolling-box (filled with my purse and books).  After a little rest, I would get up and go again.  This huge building also has elevators, too!  I’ve purchased a rolling bag that also has a pull-down seat.  It’s sturdy.  I can store my purse and purchases in the bag.  This will keep my back from the extra pain of carrying a purse or purchases.  I can pull down the seat whenever I need to sit down.  This will be better than sitting on the floor.  It’s a lot harder for me to get up off of the floor, now!

Eating at the Convention is a little nerve-wracking, when you have multiple diet restrictions.  I’ll check out the food vendors and cafes in the building.  If there is nothing there that I can eat, I’ll have to make a longer trek to find food.  We aren’t allowed to take our own food in the building.  My main goal is to not get sick, so if lunch is light, that will be fine.

homeschool convention sandwich

My schedule at the convention will be planned to minimize walking.  We have been given the full schedule, including the rooms and map already.  I’ll select a plan before I arrive to walk as little as possible.  Backtracking is not an option.  If I don’t conserve my steps, I might end up getting Hubby to rent a wheelchair and push me around.

My last help is clothing.  I’ll be wearing loose, wrinkle-free, comfortable dresses.  I’ll have light-weight sweaters to go with each one.  The convention buildings and rooms are freezing!  The dresses are easy to walk in, cool outside, and more professional.  Since I’m going as a Convention Blogger, I want to represent my blog well.  I’m getting the most comfortable shoes that I can find this evening.  I’ll be wearing them around the house to break them in for the next week.

The excitement is certainly building in me.  I’m praying that I feel much stronger by Convention Days.  There will be many inspiring speakers and so much to learn.  I’ll be tempted to buy 100 books!  There will be many posts that I’ll want to share with you, too!  Have you been to a Convention this year?  What was you favorite part?

@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman