Have you ever had one of those days?  You wake up to a beautiful day and thank God for the sunshine.  After preparing a healthy breakfast you actually feel better than usual.

It goes downhill from here.  With the start of homeschool, the kids seem to be in a foul mood.  They want to play outside.  It’s so beautiful out there.  “Can’t we have the day off?” they say.  After you calmly explain that there are lessons to be done, they hunker down and get started.

It’s too bad that a storm came through last night, and the weather drastically changed.  The temperature is 30 degrees colder and blustery wind is whistling in the trees.  This is the type of weather change that brings on a headache.

When headaches are bad, that’s the time when your oldest doesn’t seem to understand his math question.  Oh, boy!  Math is my worst subject and I can’t think straight because of this headache.  You tell him to skip this problem, and go on to the next.  Surely Hubby can help him with it after work, right?

The wi-fi is spotty today and the online lessons keep stopping.  Ugh!  What else can go wrong?

I bet you’ve had days like this.  Homeschooling is hard enough, but much harder to deal with when you have chronic health problems.  You ask yourself, “Am I really up to this?”   Maybe they would be better off in school.  I feel like a failure.

Please don’t let yourself stay there.  Call a recess and pour yourself a cup of coffee.  Sit down and reflect on your day.  Was it your fault?  No, of course not.  Some days just turn into a nightmare.  Homeschooling is still the path that God has led you follow.  He’ll keep you on track.

Don’t feel like a failure.  You would be surprised how much your children will learn, even when you think the day was a wash.  They’re listening and learning to be diligent when you teach them to follow the schedule.  They learn to be compassionate when you feel sick, and ask them to help you.

God wants us to glorify Him even on our bad days.  This sounds crazy, but it isn’t.  His will never changes.  His word never changes.  I’m so thankful that He cares about the little things….math problems, grumpy attitudes, and headaches.  Now, I can thank Him that I’m flooded with peace.

Tomorrow will be another day.  Ask God to bless you, your family and your homeschool.

Everything will not always be neat, organized and calm.  But, the children will learn and someday they’ll thank you.  They’ll know that all those lessons were easy to learn because Mom was obedient.

Don’t give up because of terrible days.  Life is full of days, good and bad.  Ask God to bless them all.

@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman