Chronic Illness

A Different Type Of Appointment

My appointment today was certainly an adventure!  It was unlike any appointment I’ve ever had.  And, the doctor has the photos to prove it.


The “community” called Duke Medical was huge and a well-oiled machine.  I don’t mean that in a bad way, but that place is massive!  We arrived a night early, because I had an early-morning appointment.  The hotel was just across the street from the hospital complex and well worth it.  This place treated us so well.

The hotel wasn’t a luxury hotel, by any means, but was perfect for us.  The extremely friendly atmosphere was felt by all of us there, who smiled at each other.  We all were there to be treated at the Duke Medical hospital or clinics.  Chronic Illness patients or just patients-in-general feel a certain kinship, I guess.  No one really wants to be there, but we all want to convey hope to each other.

The rooms were very large and clean.  I loved the shuttle service, especially since trying to park at the hospital would have taken a long time.  The 24-hour coffeepot was very welcomed to us, and they had decaf at night!  We love coffee.

This morning I felt really bad and mentally I was foggy.  I didn’t feel excited like I expected and didn’t even think I would be able to talk well with the doctor.  My memory has been so bad this past week on Gabapentin, that words were just not there when I needed them.  Thankfully, I cleared up for the office visit and didn’t have any trouble recalling everything.  Hubby and I were amazed and knew that prayer was answered.

We were dropped off at the medical building door, but had a long walk to my clinic.  If I would have known how far the walk was, I would have borrowed one of the handy wheelchairs.  We finally found our clinic and signed in.  The receptionists went above and beyond to meet our needs, offering us snacks and checking on us numerous times while we waited.

Isn’t the architecture beautiful at Duke University?

The doctor and her assistants were amazing and thorough.  The photos of which I speak were very embarrassing.  But, I guess when your being checked for cutaneous lymphoma every inch of you must be seen.  The three doctors checked me from head to toe, literally.

I had two spots biopsied and didn’t feel a thing.  Knowing the reputation of this doctor, I believe that she will find out one way or another, what this rash really is.  I know that two weeks will fly by, and then I’ll have an answer.  I hope and pray that it’s the answer I want.

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  1. Hope you get great answers and sounds like this is a good facility.

    1. xaoti

      Thank you, Wrae! I’m anxiously awaiting the results 🙂

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