Summer is flying by, and before it’s over there are many things I want to get done.  How about you?  Did you start the summer with a great bucket list, and then realized you haven’t accomplished much?  That’s perfectly normal when you have children, family obligations, and run out of money.


Fulfilling your bucket list doesn’t have to cost so much.  There are many amazing things to do before summer is over.  Some items may seem to be totally frivolous.  But, that’s a good thing during the dog days of summer.  It’s important to enjoy the lazy days when you’re all wearing flip flops.

You may want to accomplish a few tasks that are of a serious nature.  I always find it so important to finish my summer reading list.  Every summer there are a few ( or a lot of) books that I want to get read.  These are usually discovered at the homeschool convention I attend, or ones that I see recommended by other online friends.

“Homeschool Mom” books are such an encouragement to me.  Hearing what other moms have to say can boost my dedication to this lifestyle.  Sometimes after a long year of homeschooling, I’m in real need of some positive books that teach me something that I haven’t tried before.


In the summer planning, we try to avoid promising any particular trips.  Because of my chronic illness, sometimes trips have to be canceled.  We do want to take a vacation and try very hard to create a vacation trip that the children will love.  If you can’t travel far, you can try to find something fun to do closer to home.

When you vacation close to home, the vacation can be cheaper.  It’s fun to locate interesting places to visit within a two hour drive of the house.  If you plan this way, you can skip the hotel bills.  You can also pack your meals to go.  Having a picnic can truly make the vacation day even more special.  Let the kids help you plan and prepare the food.

It’s amazing how many fun and interesting things there are to do in your hometown or close by.  Museums, national or state parks, and water parks are terrific places to visit.  We could spend all summer just visiting these places!  Quite a few museums are free and national and state parks are very reasonable in price.


If your homeschool group has disbanded for the summer, call or email them to get together.  Everyone can show up at a playground, park, or beach area.  If you bring your own food and let the kids play, it will be a blast!  It’s fun to attend various Vacation Bible Schools.  Your kids can make new friends and learn more about the Bible.

Many churches, libraries, and Park-n-Rec departments offer free movies outdoors.  These are usually g-rated and offer such a memorable experience for kids.  Look for these opportunities in your town.

I hope you have a wonderful final month of summer and finish your bucket list.  If you can’t finish it, just feel free to change it.

@2018, copyright Lisa Ehrman