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Kidney GFR Results

Yesterday was another day at the doctor’s office.  It was time for another round of blood work.  The doctor wanted to re-check my cholesterol and kidney numbers.  After listening to my lungs, she also prescribed antibiotics.  Since I’ve got lots of symptoms of a two-week cold and cough, she could tell there was infection.


The test results came back today.  My cholesterol numbers were as least as bad as they were three months ago.  She now wants me to have a test called CT Calcium Scoring.  This seems to be looking for plaque in my arteries.  I really don’t like the sound of that.  But, my family history is not good.  If insurance pays for it, I’ll have the test.

I don’t eat any fried foods and have eaten mostly vegan.  My little amounts of meat are organic chicken and salmon.  I do need to lose weight, but am too dizzy to exercise.  Ugh!

The kidney numbers were a little bit better.  My creatnine number was 1.07 and my GFR was 59.  60 is the number that they want me to have, and I’ve averaged between 52-59 now for three months.  I am still worried about this, but the doctor doesn’t refer to a nephrologist unless the number is lower.

They will continue to check my kidneys and I’ll continue to worry.  My orders are to hydrate well and skip the ibuprofen.  As with all diseases, doctors don’t worry until you’re in bad shape.  So, my goal will be to follow a kidney-friendly diet, too.

Lab vials

Looking at the GFR numbers for a person aged 50-59 should be GRF93.  That is for a healthy kidney range.  I’m much lower than that.  So, just because I am not what the doctors call “in danger”, I’m still much too low to be told I have healthy kidneys.  This site also states the same thing that I’ve read everywhere: If you have numbers under 60 for three months, you should be referred to a nephrologist.

I hope you all have your kidney numbers checked, if you’ve been on years of medicines.  All the medicines we are given for our chronic illnesses and pain can leave our kidneys in bad shape.  Take care of your kidneys!

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  1. desiree

    the test is not hard but if you have ceroted arties that can be a dozziei quite eat meat a lot and then i do go in for the croteid every year it like a cat scan and show how blood flow and my been good ilost weight an walk alot and then i do other thing but i did have 7 heart seizure and attaack and they thought it was form artiese thut it was form a dephilator i ha in

    1. xaoti

      Thanks for letting me know about the test. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had these 7 attacks, and pray that you will get better.

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