After a tough week of Physical Therapy and Acupuncture, I’m thankful that it’s Saturday!  My PT worked with me and added one new exercise.  After this much exertion, I go home to crash.  The way my body responds to this is awful!  I feel like I have the flu and I’m not able to do anything.  I rested the remainder of the day and then had so much trouble going to sleep, because of the pain.

EDS Treatments

Two days later was my acupuncture appointment.  I didn’t count the needles, but there were many.  During treatment, I didn’t feel relaxed or good at all.  My neck pain made it impossible to rest my head in a comfortable position.  Because the pain was bad, I felt like the treatment lasted forever!

I was in a huge amount of pain afterwards and was so tired.  The extreme fatigue and flu-like feeling was rough, and I begged Hubby to get some take-out.  Sleeping was impossible until about 2:30.  Then, I woke up at 3:30 and stayed up a few more hours.  I also had to take a benadryl because of severe itching all over.


I’ve noticed severe itching hours after the acupuncture treatments each time.  There was information online about studies that indicated a reaction to acupuncture if you have Mast Cell Disorders.  The studies found a clear connection.  I’ll try acupuncture next week.  If there is a reaction connection again, I may need to discontinue the treatments.

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