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To find success, both bloggers and brands need a way to reach their goals that saves them time and money.  As a blogger, I’ve learned some important tips over the years.

Tips For Bloggers

Select your Niche

You’ve heard this before, but it’s easier to reach your blogging goals if you have a focus.  Your niche is something that you feel strongly about.  What do you think about and want to write about?  You may already have expertise in an area, and this can be the focus of your niche.

It often takes time to decide what your focus will be.  You can explore various types of content by writing posts about a number of topics.  Some posts will get a better response, and this can help you narrow down your focus.  Zero in on this.

Post Quality Content

Write good, long posts that people will want to read.  Meet a need in your writing.  Help your readers solve a problem or see things in a new way.  Write honestly.  Don’t just repeat what you’ve heard others’ say.  Don’t be afraid to be blunt.  Say what you truly feel.

Be A Professional

Once you’ve written a large collection of posts that you’re proud of, you’re now ready to think about monetizing your site.

Use Google Analytics

It’s important to track your posts to see how they’re received.  You can sign up for Google Analytics and you’ll be able to see all about your readers.  You’ll learn about your demographics, times that are best to post or share, and where your readers reside.  Keep track of the trends on your blog.

Participate in Groups

It doesn’t do any good if no one reads your posts.  It’s hard to find people to read your writing, so it’s helpful to collaborate with other bloggers in your niche.  You can join Linky Parties, Blogger Forums, or Groups on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.  Join groups that have bloggers in your niche and work with them.  As you help them grow, you’ll grow.

Blogging groups are also a wonderful place to find paid review opportunities and sponsored posts.  As you dig through long lists of opportunities, you’ll occasionally find what will be perfect for your site.

Join Blogging Outreach Membership Sites

You’ll love the various websites that bring bloggers and brands together.  They will offer paid blogging jobs. These still take a good amount of time, as you shuffle through all the stuff you’re not qualified for.  This is why I’m excited to find Get Blogged!  They do all of the work for you.  They will match up the bloggers and brands that need to be together.  They will send you only the opportunities that you qualify for.  Isn’t that a better way?


Tips For Brands

Find Brand Focus

Why is your brand needed?  What purpose is it fulfilling?  Who will be your customers?

Develop Goals

What are the goals for your brand?  Write down the short-term and long-term goals.

Develop Mission Statement

How are you going to make your brand different from the rest?  Write a mission statement that is succinct.  The statement should help you make it easily understood by the public.

How Will You Share Your Brand

Your brand needs advertising in order for many people to see it’s worth to them.  You’ll need help getting the message out, so that you can spend time developing your brand.  Don’t just blindly look for people to help you do this.  Bloggers are eager to write and spread the word through Blogger Outreach.

You can hire an agent, work with lots of different organizations, and spend a lot of time researching the right people.  Or, you can work with Get Blogged.  They sort through all the blogs to find the perfect niche blog and content producer to help you reach your brand goals.

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