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Every year Challenger Sports hosts British Soccer Camps.  These camps are held all over the country and are extremely popular!  You’ll be able to find one close to you and enjoy all the fun and skill-training that they provide to kids.

British Soccer Camps work with all age levels and ability levels, too.  Boys and girls are the benefactors of super training by international experts without leaving the country.  The coaches use curriculum that develops skills, speed, and confidence!

This unique experience offers much more than just soccer training.  The kids get to experience cultural differences and innovative coaching techniques. All the kids know is that they are having a wonderful and fun time!


Coaches are recruited from the US, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and Canada.  Coaches are chosen who not only coach well, but also have a passion for working with children.

Students need a progressive system of skills.  Here are parts of the curriculum that’s planned for each child:

  • Soccer ABC – Players will improve their Agility, Balance and Coordination.
  • Dribbling – improve the ability to change direction and move at speed.
  • Moves – master more than 20 different ways to turn and fake opponents.
  • Passing – improve accuracy, pace and 1st touch control.
  • Shooting – improve power and placement with each foot.
  • Heading – learn how to safely and confidently head the ball (approved age groups only)
  • Tackling/Defending – improve your tackling skills and learn how to defend.
  • Freestyle – daily program of juggling, lifts and balances by John Farnworth.
  • Camp World Cup – enjoy daily competitive games with an int

Each participant receives these cool items: soccer ball, camp t-shirt, activity report, and action poster.  Those who register 45 days in advance also are mailed a jersey.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind summer camp experience at British Soccer Camp!  Your child will thank you.