Traveling, no matter how far, creates more pain for me.  My family had plans to travel about three hours from home.  Yesterday we made the trip.  I planned ahead and made sure I could push my seat back to a semi-reclining position in the car.

I brought a pillow to put beneath my lower back.  This was supposed to help prevent my sciatica from getting worse in the car.  It did help a little.  We arrived at our hotel.  My only job this weekend is to rest in the hotel, while our son attends a Christian retreat.

Not long after we arrived we found out that our hometown was experiencing severe rain and flooding.  We watched in disbelief as roads we drive on all the time were underwater.  It was truly frightening.  When our neighbor called in tears with her flooded home, we were very upset.

We tried to do what we could to console her, and we also worried about our home.  We didn’t leave a key with anyone, so we won’t know if we have flood damage until we arrive after the weekend.  What a worry!

Today my pain level is severe and there’s not much I can do about it.  My sciatica makes it difficult to walk and it’s very hard to sleep.  I’m not allowed to take any pain medicine.  So, I just use pain gel and hubby does a little massage.

There won’t be much sleeping tonight, and the ride home will certainly be painful.  These are the days that chronic illness is just about surviving.

@2018,copyright Lisa Ehrman