Two months of acupuncture has now come to an end.  I went every week for almost two months, and saw no improvement.  I had really hoped to have some relief of pain, but I never did.


I could keep going longer for my acupuncture trial, but this is a very expensive treatment.  My insurance doesn’t cover acupuncture, either.  Two of my most recent treatments left me feeling creepy.  My emotions were affected during the treatment. I also felt similar physical feelings of a panic attack.

Sometimes my legs would twitch.  I didn’t feel calm anymore, during the treatment, like I had at first.  Whatever was going on with my body during treatment, it wasn’t relief of pain.  I’m not saying that some people don’t get help.  But, I wasn’t one who did.

I’m going to continue my exercises from physical therapy.  My insurance is about done paying for this treatment, but I can keep doing the movements at home.  The only needed equipment is the stretchy bands, and the physical therapist gave me a set to keep at home.

These movements are not difficult, and I do feel an improvement in my shoulders and upper-body strength.  This is not my first experience with physical therapy.  Both times that I’ve had orders to go there, I have been helped.  It’s no magic pill, but it does help some.

I’m so thankful that I still have insurance.  We weren’t sure that we would even have any for next year.  There is only one company who sells health insurance in our town, so that is what we must purchase.  The choices aren’t good, and the prices are higher.  Some of my doctors aren’t participating providers, so I’ll be doctor shopping.  This leaves me feeling worried, because it’s so hard to find doctors who understand my diseases.

The future of my health care is not clear, but for now I still have catastrophic coverage.  It remains to be seen if we can afford this with pre-existing conditions.  Predicting life with chronic illnesses is like predicting the weather.  I’m usually wrong.

Are you getting good care for your chronic pain?  If you are, that’s wonderful!  I would love to hear what works best for you.