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Encore Day at The Healing Hashimoto’s Summit

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Have you been attending the free Healing Hashimoto’s Summit webinars?

For the past week, tens of thousands have learned from the expert advice needed to live a happy, healthy life with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Were you there?

Since it’s Encore Day, the personal stories, advice, tips and in-clinic practices from these amazing experts, not just to diagnose and manage this disease, but to live with hope, purpose and companionship are still available for free!

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90% of all hypothyroid conditions are due to Hashimoto’s, and tens of millions of people world wide are struggling from this disorder–it’s STILL one of the most common yet uncommonly diagnosed diseases in the world!


Your thyroid is important to every aspect of your health. Slight imbalances can cause problems all over your body (and you may not even know they’re happening!).

That’s why it’s so important to catch a thyroid disorder as early as possible.

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P.S. It’s Encore Day, find time on your schedule in the next 24 hours to, at least, listen to the “featured” talks from this event!

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