It Takes Courage


It’s surprising to me that I’ve been so affected by the passing of John McCain.  I don’t write about politics on this blog, but there are some people (who happen to be in politics) that are worth writing about.

I’ve certainly become very sad about the loss of Senator McCain.  Listening to the non-stop stories on tv, I’ve learned more about him than ever.  He has lived through much suffering.

He suffered unbelievably in prison camps and has had many health conditions after coming home.  The first cancer and then the last one caused him to suffer greatly.  I don’t know much about the details, but it appears that whatever he went through in his times of pain never changed him.

He was strong and was a fighter.  His core beliefs didn’t change because he was sick or suffering.  He was true to what he believed in.  He showed humility when talking about all his faults and wanting to improve himself.

When I admire certain traits in a person, that doesn’t mean I’m naive and think that I can pattern my life after another.  I do like to respect those who deserve respect.  The ability to live with suffering without becoming bitter and withdrawn is certainly admirable.  The ability to also continue living your life while suffering is even more astonishing.

As I am trying to deal with all my health conditions + shingles and sciatica, I realize that I’m helpless to accomplish anything.  I appreciate that there are those, like John McCain, who fought on to finish the work he felt led to do.

As I feel challenged to be content in my life of pain, I feel challenged by the life of John McCain to be true to myself and continue to hold and share my values and beliefs with others.

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  1. gloria patterson

    August 26, 2018 at 4:24 pm

    He was a good man and will be missed

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