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Traveling with the Pain (and the Pills)


I love the holidays and I love traveling to visit my loved ones.  It’s just extremely hard to travel with Chronic Illness.  When I hit the road, I never know what types of pain will give me problems.  Traveling hours and hours in a compact car is very painful when you have Ehlers Danlos syndrome.

Archie taking a break

When we were only in the car for twenty minutes, my hips and legs were already throbbing.  I shifted from one side to the other, which helped whatever nerve was being pinched to get a break.  This pain actually got better during the trip.  These pains don’t always make any sense.  I was thankful to not have a headache.

Hubby was tired!

When I’m visiting family I try very hard to fake  feeling well.  Yesterday, I felt really better than most days.  My body was swelling from all the standing, though.  By evening, I was starting to feel terrible.


I woke this morning to a terrible headache, swelling, and severe pain.  Because I only get to see my loved ones for a short time, I’ll be faking it today.  I may suffer for it in the long-term, but I know that I can rest when I get home.  It’s worth it to me to push, push, push myself when I absolutely have to.

Sometimes it’s just impossible to fake feeling well.  I hope that all of my chronic friends have a flare-free holiday week to enjoy with their friends and family.  This is such a lovely time of year!  God bless you all.

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  1. Larry Brodie

    Judy and I pray for you most every day dear sister. We love you and your family and wish there was more we could do. We have been and will continue to pray for you doctor’s visit in Norfolk.

    1. xaoti

      Thank you so very much for the prayers and kind encouragement. We love you and Judy and hope that you have a blessed Thanksgiving! God is good 🙂

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