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Baby WIngs

Are you expecting a little one?  When it’s time to purchase all those baby supplies, your mind turns to safety.  Parents are filled with emotions and excitement!  They may even feel nervous and unprepared.  They know one thing for sure: they want to protect their newborn from germs.

What’s on your baby registry?  Moms and Dads are picking the perfect crib, car seat, and clothing.  The list gets very long when you consider all the diapers, blankets, and onesies you’ll need for your bundle of joy.  And, don’t forget the pacifiers.


All The Germs!

Pacifiers are wonderful!  I was always very happy to provide a pacifier to my precious baby.  I bought newborn sizes and then got the bigger ones later.  The only bad thing about pacifiers is that babies spit them out and they get dirty on the floor.

Of course, there are wonderful pacifier clips that connect the pacifier to their outfits.  These are wonderful tools that keep pacifiers clean and baby happy!  I’ve just found the cutest Pacifier Clips ever !  Baby Wings Pacifier Clips are not only adorable, but they are made better than any I’ve seen.


Old-fashioned pacifier clips came with safety pins to stick through babies outfit.  You can see the potential problems with safety pins.  There are also metal clips that grab the fabric in a harsh way.  These metal parts can also rust.

The Baby Wings Pacifier Clips have plastic clips that are easy to wash.  They grab the fabric without damaging it in any way.  And the choices in colors and patterns are so fashionable!  You’ll also find the style that suits you in how you want to dress your little one.  I love the styles that I got to review: Space Adventures!  Aren’t the colors and patterns great?


And, unlike some pacifier clips, the Baby Wings Pacifier Clips have a universal fit.  They work with any brand of pacifier.  So, say goodbye to lost pacifiers.  Say goodbye to pacifiers that land on the floor, in the dirt, in the parking lot, or the dog’s mouth.  Baby Wings Pacifier Clips help parents to have one less thing to worry about.

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